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Kraft Stand Up Pouches Zipper Bags Packaging

White and Brown Zipper Pouches

Kraft stand-up pouch zipper bags are made from Kraft paper with an inner lining to protect food. Available with a clear PET window and a gusset base that allows the bag to stand on its bottom, perfect for presentation. This is our most popular pouch bag and is a common design seen on the market. It is available white or brown, with 28 sizes to choose from, to allow us to meet most production needs. 

Waterproof and Greaseproof

The kraft zipper pouch bags are made from three layers, to maximize the protection of your product. The outer layer is waterproof, while the inner layer is grease and oil-proof layer. Packing oily snacks, such as nuts or pretzels, either for retail or for storage, is no problem for these bags.

Food-Grade White Zipper Pouch Bags

Our white food-grade pouch bags are available in 11 sizes. We also offer the brown version in 17 sizes. These pouch bags are made from FDA-approved food-grade packaging. Regardless of the color chosen, our available sizes should meet the needs of most retailers, as they are designed to handle a wide range of sizes.

Food-Grade Brown Pouch

Both our white and brown pouch bags are made from FDA-approved food-grade materials. They are available in various sizes from small to big to meet different food packaging needs and will suit a wide range of retail packing requirements. 

Waterproof Zipper Pouch

These pouches feature a waterproof zipper. The exterior of the zipper pouch bag is waterproof, featuring a film laminate to keep your products dry and fresh. They are a great choice for both storing products or for use during transport. These bags, and the product within, will be completely immune from water damage.

Clear Window vs Semi-Opaque Window

Our brown kraft stand-up pouches with windows are available with a choice of clear PET window, or a semi-opaque look, to suit your display preferences. For our white color pouches we currently only offer the semi-opaque window option.

Quality Zipper Lock closure

One of the most popular design features of our Kraft stand-up zipper pouches is the wide, high-quality, resealable zipper that allows you to be sure that your product is well secured. The zipper can be opened and resealed indefinitely.

Wide Stand bottom Base

The wide base of this type of bag allows our stand-up pouches to sit securely on any surface without the risk of tipping over. These bags will stand even when empty, making them ideal if you plan to be manually filling these yourself. The stand-up zipper bags are popular with manufacturers and consumers alike as they are great for displaying products, or for sitting on a desktop whilst in use.

Pouch bags with Easy Tear Notch

Our Kraft paper zipper pouches can be heat sealed once they have been filled, to ensure protection and hygiene in transit. As a great design feature, they also carry a small notch that allows the end-user to easily rip open the top of the pouch, without needing to resort to scissors.

Oval Window Style Choice

In addition to the rectangular window options that we have mentioned above, we also offer oval window options on our zipper pouch bags. The aperture is not as large as the regular rectangle window style but is great for showing a glimpse of the product inside.

  • Stand Up Zipper Pouch
    Brown Kraft Paper Stand Up Zipper Pouch With Clear Oval Window
    From $0.23
  • Kraft Paper Pouch Bag
    White Kraft Paper Zipper Pouch Bag With Dull Polish Window
    From $0.23
  • Stand Up Pouch Bag
    Resealable Stand Up Brown Kraft Paper Zipper Pouch Bag With Window
    From $0.23

Windowless Pouch bags

Not all of our Kraft zipper pouch bags come with windows. We can offer these pouches in discrete, fully enclosed packaging. These pouches are lined with food-grade aluminum foil laminated, which makes them a great storage option for powdered products, keeping them efficiently away from any moisture.

White color Pouch option

Our white color windowless pouch option is laminated with aluminum foil inside, which acts as a barrier for grease and moisture. We offer these pouches in 11 sizes. Select the perfect size for your product for the perfect finished look.

Food Grade Aluminum foil

The food-grade aluminum foil inside our Kraft paper pouches extends across the full interior of the pouch, not just the exterior walls, but also down to the bottom panel. This helps prevents air and moisture movements into your product, protecting them from going stale or getting damp. No odors will enter or leave the packet.

Quality Wide Zipper Pouch

Our Kraft paper zipper pouches feature high-quality wide zippers, which allows them to be reused repeatedly as they can be opened and closed again.

Food Grade Pouch Bags

All our Kraft zipper pouches are ideal for packing your food products. All the materials used are FDA-approved food-grade products, meaning they will not interact with your food when packed, preventing any smells or tastes from interfering with your product.

Neat pressing & Easy tear Notch

As with our windowed pouch offering, the Kraft zipper pouch bags feature easy tear notches as well as neat side pressing. As the bag can also be heat sealed, the easy tear notch allows easy access without resorting to scissors.

Kraft Paper Pouches with Stable Base

Thanks to the wide base of the kraft zipper pouch with window, these products are very stable and able to stand up, both whilst empty or when filled with product. With a wide bottom that tapers to the closed top, they have a very pleasing appearance. Their aluminum foil interiors will protect your food perfectly.

Flat Bottom Style Pouches

In addition to our stand-up paper pouches, we also offer a range of flat or closed bottom pouches. These have a flatter overall look and do not stand up. These pouches are great for shipping as they are flatter overall. Consider your product design when selecting your preferred packaging design.

  • Flat Bottom Zipper Pouch
    CAN’T Stand – Flat Bottom Aluminum Laminated Inside Brown Kraft Zipper Pouch
    From $0.19
  • Stand Up Zipper Pouch
    Aluminum Laminated Inside White Kraft Paper Stand Up Zipper Pouch Bag
    From $0.23
  • Stand Up Zipper Pouch
    Aluminum Laminated Inside Brown Stand Up Zipper Pouch Bag Without Window
    From $0.23

Kraft Paper Side Gusset Pouches

As well as our exceptional value Stand up and flat pouches, we also offer a side gusset pouch. With two side gussets as well as a wide base, these are ideal for maximizing the storage potential of your chosen packet. These can come with a window on the front. They come in white and brown and in a wide variety of sizes.

Quality Wide Zipper lock

The Kraft paper zipper pouches all feature a quality full-width zipper to ensure that the packet can be well sealed. The zipper is reusable and will survive many uses until damaged, allowing the end-users to take only what they need from the pouch.

Flat rectangle bottom base

The side gusset zipper pouches packaging feature a wide and flat rectangular base. This helps this style of packet to always stand up securely, whether it is empty or full.

Pouch bags with Easy Tear Notch

Like the other versions of our Pouch bags, the gusset-sided stand-up pouches have an easy tear notch above the zipper. The paper zipper pouches also feature neat side pressing. Once heat sealed, the easy tear notch will allow simply access without resorting to sharp implements.

Waterproof bag Outer Surface.

The gusset-style pouch features the option for a semi-opaque window to showcase your product. The outer layer of the pouch is waterproof, thanks to lamination, to prevent moisture from affecting your items. Not only will the bag protect your products from getting wet, but it will not get damaged by moisture itself.

Brown Pouches with 6 Sizes

The brown pouches are available in 6 Sizes. Our brown kraft paper zipper pouch bags are designed to meet most packaging needs. Check out the product page for details on the capacity of each size.

White Gusset bags in 6 Sizes

Just like the brown version, the White Gusset bags come in 6 Sizes. Our white stand-up zipper pouch packaging is perfect for most packaging requirements. Check out the product page for details on the capacity of each size.

Side Gusset Pouches inside with Aluminum

Because our Side Gusset Pouches are laminated with aluminum foil, they are ideal for food products. Not only do we offer semi-opaque windows, but we also have these pouches available in 6 sizes without any form of window, as we know some customers prefer the side gusset pouch bags without them.

Aluminum inside and wide zipper

We offer the kraft stand-up pouch bag with a wide resealable zipper and a full coating of aluminum foil laminate. This forms a barrier to gases, moisture, and smells. This is standard for all our aluminum-lined products.

Zipper Pouch with a Hang Tab

Ideal for retailers, our Gusset stand-up zipper Pouch is available with a standard punch cut hanging tab. This allows shops to display products on hangers to maximize display options. The side gusset pouch bags have a die-cut hole cut above the zipper line, so this does not affect the protective qualities of the aluminum lining.

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  • Gusset Stand Up Zipper Pouch
    Aluminum Laminated Gusset Stand Up Brown Kraft Zipper Pouch With Hang Hole
    From $0.31
  • Side Gusset Stand Up Pouch
    Side Gusset Flat Base Stand Up Brown Kraft Paper Zipper Pouch With Dull Window
    From $0.35
  • Side Gusset Stand Up Pouch
    Side Gusset Flat Base White Kraft Paper Stand Up Zipper Pouch With Dull Window
    From $0.35

Custom printing Kraft Pouch Bags

Start to custom print your logo and artwork on the pouches now! Two-color printing starts with minimum order only 50 pieces ~