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When it comes to packaging, remember that the outer package is the first thing your clients will see when they receive your goods. It is important to take the opportunity to make a great first impression on your customers. Beyond simple good-looking packaging, it is important to ensure that you consider how your parcel will be handled in transit and how long it will take to reach its destination. Kraft packaging products offer everything you need to suitably package your products, all in one location. Our products are eco-friendly, sturdy and we are certain to have the right option for you in our Kraft paper packaging products range.

  • Kraft Paper Boxes Packaging

Your products may be unique to your business, or a new flavor of an old favorite, but regardless, getting the right packaging for your brand is essential. A good product must arrive safely, in a hygienic manner, and without any damage. Kraft packaging is durable and up to any task. Our popular Kraft paper drawer boxes come in three colors, black, brown, and red, and up to 54 sizes. They are therefore suitable for shipping a wide variety of products. We also provide paper or plastic sleeves and optional interior dividers. Kraft boxes are ideal for shipping products long distances, thanks to their rigidity and design. Small items, food-based treats, and slightly heavier products can all be safely transported.

  • Kraft Gift Boxes Packaging

Our stylish Kraft gift boxes provide a touch of class to any delivery. In addition to a range of design choices, the gift boxes come with a ribbon to allow a secure closure that also enhances the design and adds a touch of elegance. Ideal for giving the finishing touch to a personalized and homemade gift. Other boxes available in our kraft boxes wholesale range that include a ribbon for a desirable finish include the small Kraft favor box and Kraft ribbon gift box. Our gable boxes make ideal packaging for baked goods, small items, or even as a gift ‘bag’, thanks to their convenient carry handles. The Kraft gift boxes with separate lids are perfect for presenting an array of gifts, including jewelry, ties and so much more. They come with an optional divider insert to allow you to separate items within the box. If you prefer a little flair on your box, we also make a printed gift box that comes in a range of four sizes. Just add your own ‘thank you’ sticker to personalize and blow your customers away. If you need takeout boxes we offer the Kraft paper salad boxes and Kraft takeout food boxes. These are suitable for a wide range of foods and can come with clear windows or be full enclosed in food-grade paper. We offer 4 large volume sizes in our salad boxes, and 5 in the take out boxes, to meet every business’ requirements.

  • Kraft Paper Bags Packaging

Whether it is a bag to hold groceries or a gift bag for friends and family, our Kraft paper packaging has you covered. Kraft paper bags are aimed at food packaging and are sold wholesale to bakeries and similar stores for bread and baked goods. As they are made from greaseproof and waterproof food-grade paper, these bags can handle a little grease or moisture and do not tear easily, making them ideal for food-related products. They come in nine sizes to suit most business and customer needs. We also offer a variety of other Kraft paper gift bags in a wide variety of colors and styles. Our colorful Kraft bags with shaped PVC windows and matching hanging tags are a real favorite. A choice of String and Paper handle rounds out these offerings. Finally, our sturdy range of brown Kraft gift bags with nylon rope handles is a simple way to provide a clean, crisp bagging experience, in many sizes. Available in natural, brown, and black, these bags are simply the best for finishing up a retail experience.

  • Kraft Paper Zipper Pouch Bags

Kraft zipper pouches are suitable for packing candy, dried food, fruits, spices, teas, and herbs, bath salts and so much more. Kraft paper stand up zipper pouch bags are ideal for holding anything granular or powdered and can hold a surprising amount. The Kraft stand up zipper pouch is available with or without a PVC window, which can be clear or opaque. These are food-grade pouches and are greaseproof inside, waterproof outside, to ensure your goodies stay perfect. We also have an aluminum foil option for the most resilient FDA approved pouches around.

We hope that you find all your needs here. We are constantly innovating and developing our range, so check back soon for more styles of Kraft boxes and bags packaging.