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Kraft Packaging Store October 22nd , 2021 · 16 min

Top 10 Eco Friendly Kraft Boxes Types List

There are many types of paper boxes on the market for various product packaging, shipping, and gift wrapping needs. Yet, Kraft paper boxes remain one of the most popular, rising above the rest when it comes to their functionality, versatility, sustainability, and durability.

Kraft paper boxes are made of high-quality Kraft paper created from pine wood pulp, which gives them their name. This substance is environmentally friendly, producing a 100% recyclable material without sacrificing on functionality. The construction of the special paper allows Kraft boxes to be strong enough to carry heavy items and protect even the most delicate and fragile products during handling or shipping while remaining lightweight and compact. Because Kraft boxes are made with simple yet effective materials, they are highly versatile and can be configured into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit almost any industry, item, or brand and can be easily customized for any product or need.

Kraft Paper

However, with so many types of Kraft boxes on the market, choosing the right type can become overwhelming. To make this process easier, we’ve highlighted the ten most common types of Kraft paper boxes and their advantages below to help you pick which will be best for your business and products!

Sliding drawer-style Kraft boxes

Sliding drawer style Kraft boxes can be stored and shipped flat to save space and cut costs, but can be easily and quickly assembled once needed to create a unique shape and experience. This Kraft box style comes in a variety of colors and sizes and consists of two parts: a sleeve, which can be Kraft paper or clear PVC plastic, and a sliding drawer insert. Click here to learn more and shop sliding drawer-style Kraft boxes!

Kraft Sliding drawer boxes

Counter display style Kraft boxes

It’s likely you’ve seen this style of Kraft box in stores before. This popular type of Kraft box can be ordered in a variety of compact sizes to fit skincare products, cosmetics, candies or other small food items, or any other grab-and-go, impulse item for retailers to showcase on their counters and entice customers to add on to their purchases. These counter displays are great for storing and advertising items at the same time and can be customized with a brand’s colors, text, and artwork to enhance the simple and natural Kraft paper design. Click here to learn more and shop counter display style Kraft boxes!


Kraft Counter display boxes

Jewelry packaging style Kraft boxes

Most jewelry packaging is made of rigid chipboard, brittle plastic, and cotton stuffing. Not only are these boxes often unsustainable, but flimsy and lacking in protection. In comparison, Kraft paper jewelry packaging is 100% recyclable and comes with an environmentally friendly white foam insert to create a durable yet attractive way to showcase rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other beautiful items at an affordable price. Because of their elegant simplicity, these boxes are suitable for handmade gifts and large-scale retailer products alike. This box style can also be used to protect and present other items. Products such as cosmetics and skincare items like lipstick, foundation, serums, and other products which come in fragile packaging would likely benefit from having a foam insert to hold them in place while showing off their qualities. Learn more and shop jewelry packaging style Kraft boxes here!

Kraft Jewelry packaging boxes

Bakery Kraft box style packaging

Because Kraft paper is food-safe, it can also be used to create highly functional packaging for restaurants, bakeries, food trucks, caterers, and more! This style of box can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit anything from cakes to chocolates and everything in between!

With a paper handle for easy carrying, these Kraft boxes are sturdy enough to hold large and heavy baked goods without ripping or tearing. Unlike other food packaging, Kraft paper boxes will also withstand the dangers of grease and water, ensuring that the packaging will not lose its integrity during handling or travel.

Not only are these boxes functional but appealing. They can be fully customized with text, artwork, coloring, and stickers to make them beautiful and unique. This allows them to be stylized for specific events and items or used as an advertising opportunity to showcase the brand and logo. From birthdays and weddings to corporate event giveaways and conferences, these boxes can do it all!

Of course, the classic style of these Kraft paper boxes are not just suitable for bakery packaging. They can be used for a variety of food items, whether they be sweet or savory, and can even be used for favors or gift packaging. Learn more and shop Kraft paper bakery boxes here!

Kraft Bakery packaging boxes

Apparel and shoes packaging style Kraft boxes

Kraft boxes can also be used for clothing, shoes, and accessories. These apparel packaging style boxes can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit everything from ties and socks to shirts and shoes. The simple yet elegant style of these apparel and shoe boxes is suitable for handmade items and high-end retailers alike. The packaging can even be customized with different colors, artwork, stickers, and ribbons to fit a particular brand or aesthetic. This allows apparel to not only be neatly folded and stored safely but creates an attractive way to showcase these goods or make them into gifts with little extra effort.

These boxes are shipped and stored flat to save space and minimize costs and can be assembled quickly and easily without glue, although tape or stickers may be added to seal the box closed for travel purposes. Although Kraft apparel boxes are not the most durable for shipping purposes, they are strong enough for traveling short distances. The finished product is more sustainable and easier to use than many other apparel packaging alternatives but is still as functional as less environmentally friendly options that are usually coated in wax or laminated in a way that makes them harder to recycle. Learn more and shop apparel style Kraft boxes here!

Kraft apparel packaging Box

Kraft gift box style packaging

Gift boxes are one of the most popular styles of Kraft boxes as they can be customized to fit any occasion, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, wedding, holiday, or a little something special just because! Not only can these boxes be personalized with the addition of color or artwork, but with stickers, silk ribbons, elegant die-cut embellishments, protective foam inserts, and other options available in our store. Plus, made of 100% recycled paper, these Kraft boxes are more sustainable than most gift bags and wrapping paper and are quicker and easier to use as they don’t require cutting, gluing, taping, or intricate assembly. The boxes are shipped flat and can be folded together and filled with the desired items in only a few minutes. Their lightweight, foldable nature also makes them very affordable, especially when ordered in bulk. Learn more and shop Kraft gift boxes here!

Kraft gift packaging boxes

Mailer-style Kraft box packaging

If you’re looking to ship items as gifts or to fulfill orders for customers abroad, you’ll want to invest in durable and functional packaging that will stand up to the wear and tear of the postal system. These mailer-style Kraft boxes are shipped flat to save space and cut costs but can be assembled as needed and securely closed with the included self-locking flap, which can be enforced even further with tape or stickers. Once put together, these boxes are about as sturdy as it gets and will ensure that whatever lies within will be safe no matter how far it travels or what happens to it along the way.Kraft packaging Mailer boxes

Food-grade Kraft takeaway packaging boxes

For those working in food service, Kraft takeaway packaging boxes are a must-have. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, these boxes can be used for everything from french fries and burgers to sushi and salad packaging. The simple yet functional design is perfect for food trucks and restaurants serving fast food or offering takeaway but can also be used at events or for individuals looking for sustainable ways to package leftovers and lunches.

These boxes are made of biodegradable food-safe materials and are laminated with a greaseproof coating to protect the integrity of the Kraft paper and prevent leaks. The packaging can be ordered in the standard paper option or with a PVC/PET window insert, which are ideal for retail shelves as they allow customers to be enticed by the sight of the delicious products inside. Learn more and shop food-grade Kraft takeaway boxes here!


Kraft takeaway packaging Box

Rigid Kraft box style packaging

Rigid Kraft boxes are one of the most versatile types of Kraft box styles, making them a great option for those who sell a variety of different items or who wish for a packaging option that will fit a wide array of products. These boxes are made of durable chipboard or grayboard coated with thin Kraft paper to make them more customizable. This popular and sturdy style is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and is even offered with different base and lid depths depending on the intended experience and look. These boxes can be used as gift wrapping, event favors, product packaging, and a number of other ways. They can even be ordered with foam inserts to better suit delicate and fragile items such as glass bottles or jewelry. Learn more and shop rigid Kraft boxes here!

Kraft Rigid packaging box

Cylinder Kraft tube style packaging

Kraft paper cylinder tubes are similar to rigid Kraft boxes and are made of the same durable grayboard or chipboard coated in customizable Kraft paper, which is built up layer by layer to make a highly protective and sturdy style of packaging. However, their rounded shape gives them extra appeal and makes them more suitable than square or rectangular boxes for cylindrical objects such as dropper bottles, cosmetic or skincare sticks like deodorant or chapstick, or even crystals and gemstones. These Kraft tubes can be customized for your specific products or items thanks to a number of available sizes and can even be made in different colors or enhanced with additional artwork, images, and stickers. Learn more and shop cylinder tube packaging here!

Kraft Cylinder tube box packaging

6 Advantages of using Kraft boxes packaging

Kraft boxes are made from eco-friendly materials

Unlike most popular packaging options which are made with plastics that remain in the environment for hundreds of years, Kraft boxes are made from Kraft paper, a natural and 100% recyclable material made from pine wood pulp. This makes them a much more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative for gift wrapping and product packaging that will not pollute or cause harm to the ecosystem.

Kraft paper boxes are durable

Despite being made of paper, Kraft boxes are extremely durable and sturdy, which allows them to be shipped long distances without worry of damaging the products inside. The boxes are crafted by building up the Kraft paper in corrugated layers to strengthen its integrity. This allows it to remain strong and resilient in a variety of climates and makes it impervious to moisture, heat, and pressure. The boxes can even be laminated to make them greaseproof or waterproof for extra protection. The thin and simple, yet sturdy structure of this material has made Kraft paper boxes one of the most popular types of packaging.

Kraft boxes are cost-effective

Because Kraft boxes are made from just one simple, raw material, they are incredibly affordable. They are also quite thin and versatile. This allows them to be stored flat in most styles, enabling them to be more easily ordered in bulk at cheaper, wholesale prices. Shipping is also more cost effective as the boxes take up less space before being assembled and are incredibly lightweight. Even once assembled, the Kraft boxes are usually quite compact and light, which means they add very little cost to the shipping of items and products.

Kraft boxes can be used in a wide range of industries

Because Kraft boxes can be made in nearly any shape or size, they are incredibly versatile. The plain, natural brown appearance of Kraft paper is simplistic enough to suit any style or industry but is also easy to print on, allowing for colors, text, and artwork to be added with little fuss to make the boxes more suitable for certain occasions or to provide marketing and advertising. The Kraft boxes can even be further embellished with stickers, ribbons, die-cut patterns, and foam inserts to make them better suited or more unique for particular products, such as jewelry or delicate items that may need extra protection or adornment.

Kraft boxes can be easily printed on

Because Kraft boxes are made of paper, they are easy to print on and can be made in a variety of colors. Thanks to CMYK offset printing, even the most intricate imagery can be added to Kraft paper boxes with ease. The versatile paper can also be enhanced using foil stamping or embellished with a UV spot finish to add a metallic or glossy finish to lettering or icons, such as logos or brand names. Not only does this make the packaging more attractive and unique but allows companies to add their branding,  logo, website, business name, or other information to the box to market their brand. Businesses may also choose to add information about the products within, such as a description or ingredients list. This can help customers to know more about the items inside or encourage them to learn about the company, which can promote repeat buying and referrals.

Kraft boxes are easily personalized and customized

Kraft boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be printed in a wide array of colors and embellished with nearly any artwork or images, making them highly customizable. Although the basic Kraft box is quite plain and simple, there are nearly endless options to make the designs unique and better suited for the items inside. This not only allows for better marketing and creates high-quality packaging options at an affordable price, but also makes for a better and more innovative user experience.

Not only can the Kraft box itself be personalized in terms of size, style, thickness, and printing, but it can also be made even more special with additional embellishments, such as ribbons, stickers, and other adornments. For an extra special touch, you can even add die-cut designs in the style of flowers, hearts, or other shapes. Foam and die-cut cardboard inserts or PVC/PET clear windows can also be added to boxes to protect and better showcase the items inside.

Kraft Soap Box Packaging

With so many options on the market, picking packaging that will work for your needs can be difficult. Kraft boxes make it simple, as the packaging can be customized to whatever your needs may be and enhanced to be uniquely charming. Plus, they are cost-effective and environmentally friendly and can grow with your business. When just starting out, simple and plain Kraft boxes may be the most cost-effective option. But as your company grows, you can evolve to more high-end and intricate packaging, such as drawer styles or boxes with full artwork. Because the boxes can be personalized with advertising materials such as a logo or brand name, they can even help to grow the business without additional marketing costs. Whether you’re looking to place large wholesale orders for customized packaging or small, simple orders, Kraft packaging can fit your needs with high-quality, sustainable, and durable materials.