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Kraft Paper Take Out Food Boxes Wholesale

Standard Kraft Food Take out Boxes in 5 Sizes

When it comes to take-out boxes, our food-grade Kraft paper containers are perfect. We offer five sizes from 800ml to 1900ml volume. Our Kraft food boxes come with perforated flaps that can be easily removed by your customers to eat directly from the box. 

Kraft Food Boxes with Air Vents 

In addition to our standard take-out boxes, we offer a take-out box with two die-cut air holes on either side, that allow for some release of heat. These are great for fried food, such as fried chicken and other meats, as it avoids them sweating and keeps them crispy and fresh tasting. Unlike the previous box, these do not feature perforated flaps.

Waterproofing Kraft Take Out Boxes Container

For a budget-friendly option for soups and other wet dishes, our lined kraft paper lunch boxes are water and oil proof, thanks to the varnished insides. The boxes come pre-assembled with the corners glued, so you do not need to worry about leaks.

Heavy-Duty Kraft Paper Food Boxes Packaging

We offer a thicker Kraft paper take-out box that is made from durable Kraft paper stock. This ensures that your box retains straight corners and rigid sides, giving a premium look. A crisp packaging design is perfect for offering up a sharp company image. 

Four Perforated Flaps Can Be Easily Ripped

Our standard Kraft food boxes have perforated flaps to allow their easy removal. If your client is enjoying a meal that is best eaten with utensils, it is very convenient to be able to remove the flaps. On the other hand, clients that are enjoying finger food, such as Fried Chicken, will enjoy the Kraft Food Boxes with air vents for better cooling, to allow them to enjoy the food sooner.

Packaging Options for Fast Food, Pasta or Salads

Select the perfect size and type of container for your food. Our Greaseproof food grade kraft paper boxes are ideal for any food that will come directly into contact with the packaging. Being easy to set up makes them a great option when space is limited and you prefer to have your packaging stored away until needed. They are quick to set up, so you don’t need to worry about being able to deliver food on time to your customers.

Options for Fried Containers

Thanks to the air holes cut into our kraft paper box containers, Fried meats will remain crispy and ready to eat for longer. We offer these in two sizes. They are quick to assemble and can be customized with your company branding to ensure they are exactly what you need. Contact us to get information on creating the right Kraft take out food packaging box for you.