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Small Kraft Favor boxes with Handle Packaging

Two Color Options

Our small Kraft favor boxes with handles come in two color varieties: white and brown. Each color option comes in one small size that is suitable for packaging goods such as cookies, candies, chocolates, small gifts, event favors, and similar items.

Sealing Options

These small Kraft favor boxes with top handles can be sealed closed by simply inserting the tab below the handle on one side of the box into the hole on the other side. You can also purchase stickers in our store to seal the boxes and add extra adornment, such as those that say ‘thank you’ or ‘homemade.’

Perfectly Sized

A small Kraft favor box measures 10x10x6cm after assembly, a size that will fit almost any small item or gift. Made of sturdy food-grade Kraft paper, the boxes retain their shape and are durable enough to protect even fragile goods during travel or handling.

Great for Gifts or Favors

Our small Kraft boxes with handles are great for wrapping small gifts for friends and family or for use as favor boxes at events like weddings. The attached handles make the boxes easy to carry and take home after a party or gathering while the simplicity of the packaging makes it suitable for almost any occasion. Additional adornments such as ribbons and stickers can be purchased in our story to further decorate the boxes or add a personal touch.

Wide Opening Top Lid Closure

When open, these handle boxes will stand on their own when empty or full and have a wide opening at the top to allow for easy filling. When finished, the top of the box has accordion sides that will fold in on themselves to create a tapered top which makes it easier to carry by the handle.

Die-cut Handle

These small Kraft boxes have a hinged lid that, once closed, creates a comfortable and durable tote handle. The handle is die-cut to avoid sharp edges and is wide enough to accommodate most hand sizes for easy carrying. Because the hinge-style lid folds over itself and can be secured with a snap closure or sticker, there is no risk of the box opening during travel.

Snap-and-Lock Bottom

These small Kraft gift favor boxes with tote handles have a sturdy snap-and-lock bottom that folds together easily and securely without tape, glue, or other sealing measures. Once assembled, the box is sturdy enough to hold even heavy items like glass jars without breaking.

Small Kraft Box Easy Assembly

These small Kraft boxes are shipped flat to cut costs, minimize storage, and protect against damage. However, they are easy to assemble in just one minute or less and fold together without glue or other sealing measures. Check out the video below to see a demonstrations of how quick and easy it is to put the boxes together.

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