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Custom Rigid Setup Telescoping Kraft Gift Boxes

You may well be asking yourself ‘What is a rigid telescoping box?’ but don’t worry, we’re here to help. A telescoping box is quite simply a box that has a base and a lid that lifts off. Think of a bat box or standard shoe box and you have the right idea. It is also often called a rigid top-and-bottom box. Our Kraft rigid telescopic boxes are made from sturdy cardboard or chipboard in varying thicknesses, from 1.5mm to 3.0mm thickness. The cardboard is usually coated in brown Kraft paper, although black and white options are also available. We can print your custom design onto our custom printed rigid Kraft telescoping boxes in most sizes to fit your design plans and can be finished in a variety of ways. Below we explain some of the many options available.

Custom Rigid Kraft Gift Box

2 and 3-piece custom Kraft rigid telescoping gift boxes.

You may well have encountered both 2-piece and 3-piece gift boxes, but in case you have not, we will explain both. Both are common options on the market. The 2-piece box is made from rigid cardboard and comes as a base box and a lid. The lid is marginally bigger than the base to allow it to slip over the base to make a complete enclosure. This rigid Kraft telescope box with lid is the most popular option, widely used for shoeboxes, as we mentioned above, as well as numerous examples in the tech industry, such as mobile phone packaging. The other popular alternative is the 3-piece gift box, often called such things as a shoulder or neck telescopic box. It is built in three parts. The base and the lid are the same dimensions in terms of width, although they can be differing depths. Inside the base piece, the shoulder or neck is glued in. The shoulder is slightly smaller than the base and the lid, so this creates a slimmer element for the lid to slide down onto.

custom Kraft rigid gift box

2-piece style options for the Kraft rigid telescopic gift boxes.

For our 2-piece telescoping boxes there are two design concepts available. The first option consists of a lid that completely covers the base, so when sat on a flat surface, the base is invisible and the side walls are double thickness, which adds great strength to the package. This is the most common option for mobile phones packaging. The second option offers a partial covering of the side walls so that you can see the base and lid. The sides of your parcel are not smooth, due to the lip of the lid, but the lid is much easier to remove than that of the previous option. This is often the more popular option for particularly tall objects, as it saves on material and is, therefore, cheaper and lighter.

Kraft rigid gift box

Cover options for custom rigid Kraft 3-piece shoulder neck telescoping boxes.

The 3-piece telescoping box differs from the 2-piece in another special way. Because of the shoulder/neck, the lid does not have to make contact with the base piece. This allows you the option to design your packaging with a deliberate gap that can be color-matched to your logo on the box. When matched in this way, or combined with hot foil logos, it can provide a very high-end feel to a product. Check out the example images below of our Kraft telescoping box to get a feel for what can be achieved in this way.

custom rigid Kraft telescoping box

Custom printed Kraft cardboard 2-piece rigid setup boxes with removable lids.

We provide custom Kraft gift boxes with lids that you can customize perfectly for your branded products. Most commonly we provide rigid brown Kraft paper boxes with a white interior. These can be hot foiled, single color printed, or even given a full-color print. We can print logos, product details, or instructions anywhere on the product. As our Kraft paper boxes do not require lamination the Kraft rigid setup boxes are 100% recyclable and are environmentally friendly.

Custom printed Kraft cardboard box

Kraft gift box custom printing options.

As we mentioned above, you can opt for any amount of printing upon your packaging, but in addition to this, we offer superb luxury finishes that include silver and gold hot foil stamping, or spot UV prints. Hot foil stamping produces a metallic and shiny print that is perfect for use on brand logos and should be a big enough design element to stand out on the brown Kraft boxes. Our spot UV prints a shiny plastic print to your item, while we also offer to emboss, if you would like some element of your design stamped into the Kraft rigid gift boxes.

kraft gift box custom

Custom Kraft rigid telescoping lid gift boxes insert options.

1. Die-cut paperboard insert.

Our most environmentally insert option is paperboard. This is usually created using 300gsm Kraft paper and is often plain but can be printed in any color you desire. We can take the design element further with die-cut shapes that are perfect for fitting your products and holding them snugly. These can be fitted to any depth of box.

Custom rigid telescopic box

2. Rigid chipboard kraft telescoping gift box with EVA foam insert option.

For packaging that requires the ultimate level of stability and strength, we recommend combining out rigid chipboard telescoping boxes with an EVA foam insert. As mentioned previously, these are available in white, black, and gray and can be ordered in low quantities. We can even coat the EVA foam with a later of Kraft paper or cardstock to enhance the look of the insert.

kraft telescoping gift box

3. Rigid telescopic gift boxes custom with foam and paperboard insert.

As mentioned above, sometimes we are asked to combine foam and paper inserts. This can sometimes be for practical reasons, other times it is for aesthetic reasons. If you have any special plans for how you want your product to be designed, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help provide you with an idea of costs.

Rigid telescopic gift box

4. Rigid Kraft lift-off lid gift boxes with vacuum-formed plastic insert

At our absolute top end of options for rigid packaging is the chipboard telescoping box with vacuum-formed plastic inserts. In the vacuum forming process, we mold a perfect copy of your products to ensure that are held firmly. This is ideal for wine bottles, jars, and other breakables. This is premium packaging and because of this it is a more expensive option that we recommend only when necessary, as our paperboard options are much more environmentally friendly, which is good for the planet, your wallet, and your brand image.

Rigid Kraft lift-off lid gift box

5. Rigid cardboard setup top and bottom box with fabric wrapped foam insert.

We can also provide foam inserts that have been wrapped with fabric, to provide an elegant or colorful interior that is sort enough to protect any item. We can provide additional options to hold your item in place, such as elastic bands to secure products within the box.

Rigid cardboard box

6. Custom printed rigid setup 2 piece gift boxes with a silk cloth insert.

If you need something soft but also elegant to protect a delicate product, such as a bracelet that needs to arrive without any scuffs, consider our silk cloth insert option. The silk cloth rests on a bed of soft foam. This is not the firmest of the options we have listed, but your item will arrive sitting atop a soft piece of silk, conveying the image of luxury from your brand.

Custom printed rigid gift box

7. Kraft custom rigid top bottom gift box with shredded paper insert option.

Our last insert option is shredded paper or raffia grass. Not only are these cheap options, but they are also incredibly eco-friendly and fully recyclable. They are flexible and will supply padding for any type of item. They are available in a wide variety of colors, so it is possible to complement or contrast with the box packaging.

custom rigid gift box

Custom rigid kraft gourmet gift box – Available with or without window.

Rigid Kraft telescoping boxes look great and are a fabulous option for packaging almost any item. Often, they are used for treat boxes and other gourmet goodies. Some brands prefer to have a box without windows, whilst others will prefer a display window. Think of your favorite brand of donuts and you’ll know what we mean. For businesses, add your logo to our rigid kraft gourmet gift boxes to pick the perfect packaging for you.

Custom rigid kraft gift box

Custom black Kraft rigid telescoping gift boxes with gold foil stamping logo.

We offer black and brown color Kraft paper-coated rigid telescopic gift boxes that are both great products, but we recommend the black paper boxes for gold foil stamping. The gold stands out wonderfully against the matte black of the black Kraft paper. Add custom inserts and even add paper sleeves to perfect the look you are going for.

Custom Kraft rigid gift box

White rigid setup telescoping gift boxes are available for full-color printing.

Being a professional packaging manufacturer, we offer a wide range of products, and naturally, we offer white paper-coated gift boxes if you require these rather than Kraft paper packaging.

rigid telescoping gift box

Contact us by email or send an inquiry quote through our website quote form, we will get back to you with our best offer. To start your custom order for branded rigid slide drawer gift box packaging simply get in touch with us using the button below. We will endeavor to respond to you within 12 hours.

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