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Kraft Favor Boxes Gift Packaging with Ribbon

Box Contains 2 colors And 4 Sizes

In this ribbon closure Kraft small gift favor boxes, you get 4 sizes and two color options – Brown and Red Kraft. We have made this a versatile solution for your packaging needs, whether you are looking for a favor box packaging or a gift wrapper. 

Beige Ribbon Favor Boxes

These small Kraft favor boxes come with cream/beige silk ribbon, as shown in the picture. This helps you save money on a ribbon purchase. You get the ribbon alongside the box in your order. We have adopted a flower shape cut on the box lid to make the appearance of the gift boxes even more fascinating.

Small Gift Favor boxes

Need something to pack your candies, snacks, or cookies for sale? These small gift favor boxes are just perfect. These well-designed natural Kraft gift boxes come in handy as an excellent party favor box if you want to gift your family or friends a pack of delicious handmade food. The beauty is unprecedented! 

Wedding Favor Boxes In Red

There is no better way to present your gifts to wedding guests than this small Red Kraft gift box. Beauty meets excellent packaging in these small Kraft gift boxes, giving your guests a lasting impression of your amazing gifts and memorable day. 

Does More Than Packaging FOODS

These beautiful boxes are great for packaging food, snacks, chocolates, and any other notable gift. So, whatever products you want to package, these well-designed Kraft small box packaging is just perfect for wrapping your collections or gifts.

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