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Budget-friendly Ribbon Closure Kraft Flat Pack Gift Boxes

Multiple Size Options

We offer five sizes for our ribbon closure Kraft flat pack gift packaging boxes to allow them to fit a multitude of items, such as cookies, chocolates, candies, and other snacks and gifts.

Kraft Boxes in Black and Brown

Our Kraft flat pack gift packaging boxes come in two color varieties: black and brown. This makes them suitable for more luxurious or more natural and simple branding as well as a variety of gift wrapping needs.

Gift Box With Ribbon Options

Standard brown and black Kraft gift boxes come with a brown silk ribbon to use as a closure. However, other ribbon styles and colors can are available in our store for adding unique decoration to your Kraft boxes.

Durable construction

Our Kraft flat pack gift packaging boxes are made of high-quality Kraft paper that, once assembled, are durable enough to protect even the most fragile gifts and snacks. The boxes are constructed to be sturdy enough to keep their shape and prevent damage even when shipped long distances or continuously handled.

Functional and Attractive

Our Kraft flat pack gift boxes are shipped flat to reduce costs and enable easier bulk ordering. This also makes them easier to store. When needed, the Kraft gift boxes can be assembled quickly and easily and finished with a neat bow made with the included ribbon.

Perfect for Small Snacks

Our Kraft flat pack gift boxes are made from food-grade materials, making them perfect for use in restaurants, delis, cafes, bakeries, and more. The larger Kraft box options are suitable for cakes, takeout meals, sandwiches, etc. while the smaller containers are best for snacks and small pastries.

Cookie, Candy, and Chocolate boxes

These affordable Kraft flat pack gift boxes combine beautiful, simple design with functionality to create packaging that will impress customers or friends and family. Kraft gift boxes are suitable for both merchandise and gifts.

Bakery packaging

Bakeries will love Kraft gift boxes for packaging and delivering goods like tarts, small cakes, cookies, and more. The size options accommodate most foods while the durability, ease of assembly, and food-grade materials make Kraft gift boxes incredibly easy to use.


Thanks to the variety of size options, level of durability, and simplicity of our cheap Kraft gift boxes, they can be used for almost any gift or product, from snacks and foods to gifts, merchandise, and more!

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