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Custom Printed Kraft Grocery Bakery Food Bags

Kraft bags are commonly used in grocery stores to package groceries. Bakery shops also use them to pack baked foods like pastries, bread, and toast. Restaurants also use Kraft bags for packaging take-out meals for their clients. In fact, Kraft bags are used universally for different purposes. The most common kinds of Kraft bags used in most establishments are plain brown and white Kraft bags, but business owners print their logo and company details on the bags to promote their brand in many unique cases.

Kraft grocery bags are designed with a flat bottom that can stand on a surface and square gusset corners perfectly fitted to hold groceries in place. They’re also called Self-Opening-Sack (SOS Bags) and Grocery Sacks. These bags come in different sizes according to the items that need to be packed in the grocery store. A small grocery store may use up to thousands of Kraft grocery bags of different sizes every month to meet customer demands. Due to their eco-friendly and recyclable nature, it is best to replace plastic shopping bags with kraft grocery bags to meet environmental conservation and protection needs.Kraft sack bags are also strong, durable, and reinforced to bear the weight of groceries. To make the best out of your Kraft grocery bags, it is best to print your store logo and other important information on it so that the bags will promote your business everywhere they go.

Kraft bags are naturally safe for food; that’s why you can use them to package food, cookies, bread, cakes, pastries, and other bakery foods. The inner part of the bags may be coated with wax, giving it a greaseproof feature that doesn’t contaminate food. It’s time to let go of plastic bags and come on board the new train of using plain bags where you can custom print your business name and logo to promote your bakery business or grocery shop. By just seeing your custom kraft bags beautifully designed with your business name and logo, people may call your number to book a take-out or make other shopping orders. You can order our custom printed Kraft bakery bags at any quantity starting from 2000 pieces.

Kraft paper carry-out sacks serve as the ideal bags for small restaurants, grocery shops, fruit stores, and other small outlets that sell dried fruits and dried foods. You can use these natural Kraft bags to pack all your farm goodies, as they’re moisture-proof and can preserve dried food. Hence they’re better than plastic bags in terms of wrapping and taking out food. Custom-printing your business logo and contact details on your kraft paper bags also earn you the trust of your customers, as they always love to know that you’re one call away.

Custom printing on SOS Kraft bags can be designed with a single-color logo crested on the front or full-color printing on the enter bag. To keep it simple, you may choose to do a single-color printing, but if you want it to be eye-catching and colorful enough to promote your business, you’d have to do the full-color printing. Whatever option you choose, custom printed kraft bags promote your business better than plain bags.

Custom printed SOS Kraft grocery bags, bakery bags examples.

Healthy processing, preservation, and handling of food are essential for optimal living. Our Kraft food bags packaging is made with the highest level of professionalism and hygiene. They’re made in a dust-free environment and finished with strict quality control. Therefore, you can rest assured of healthy food packaging and quality customization with our Kraft sacks that’ll put a smile on your face. Our goal is to keep your food protected and use our Kraft bags to promote and increase sales for your business.

Contact us now to book all kinds of customized Kraft grocery bakery bags. We are always available to help you build your brand.