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Kraft Paper Pillow Style Boxes Wholesale

Brown Kraft Pillow Boxes

Made of natural, eco-friendly, and recyclable brown Kraft paper, our Kraft pillow boxes are one of our most popular styles. Flat-packed for fast and cost-effective shipping and easy storage, these beautiful boxes can then be shaped and assembled to be filled with your goods and gifts, such as your favorite candies, and used as gifts, event favors, or for packaging small products such as headphones or jewelry. The brown Kraft boxes come in two sizes suitable for smaller items or can be purchased as a set to be adorned and wrapped with hemp rope and decorated to your liking.

Large Kraft Pillow Boxes with Handle

In addition to our small Kraft pillow boxes, we also provide two types of large Kraft pillow boxes for bigger items. Made with recycled materials and with an attached handle for easy carrying, the Kraft pillow style boxes are a functional, stylish, and sustainable choice for your business or event. The beautiful brown Kraft pillow boxes come in large and small two standard sizes which are perfect for t-shirts, scarves, and other apparel but are also suitable for many other products and gifts.

Ribbon Closure Printed Kraft Pillow Boxes

The perfect choice for small favors and gifts, such as for weddings and events, our brown Kraft pillow boxes use beautiful ribbons as both functional accents and stylish closures. Standard printed Kraft pillow boxes measure in at 110x60x20mm and have “THANK YOU. FROM THE MR. & MRS” printed in black lettering on the front. However, the boxes can be customized to fit your specific needs. Just let us know!

Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes

Due to our limited stock, all varieties and sizes of our Kraft pillow boxes are made with standard brown Kraft paper and come unadorned. However, we are happy to create custom boxes that meet your event and product needs. Let us know your size preference, color choice, whether you would like a printed saying or logo on your boxes, and any other specific instructions and we will create a set of boxes just for you. For custom orders, we ask for a minimum quantity of 1000 pieces and production usually takes around 10 days. Contact us today with your specifications for a custom quote!

  • Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes
    Large Brown Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes With Handle Wholesale
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  • Brown Kraft Pillow Boxes
    Small Brown Kraft Pillow Boxes Wholesale With Rope
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  • Printed Kraft Pillow Boxes
    Small Printed Kraft Pillow Boxes With Ribbon Closure Wholesale
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Replace your plastic bags and packaging with our 100% environmentally friendly brown Kraft pillow boxes. Made of recyclable Kraft paper, our small Kraft pillow boxes are perfect for packing small items such as candies for event favors, gifts, or for packaging products such as baked goods, jewelry, headphones, sunglasses, stickers, and more! Meanwhile, larger items can be safely stored in our large pillow boxes, which are a popular choice for wigs and hair extensions as well as apparel such as t-shirts and scarves. Convenient to use and easy to assemble, packaging and shipping products to your customers is easier and more sustainable when you switch to Kraft pillow boxes.

Kraft pillow boxes aren’t just useful for merchandise but are also great for use in gift wrapping as they can be customized to fit almost any occasion. Let your creativity shine by decorating the small pillow-shaped boxes with stickers, stamps, or hand-drawn images and sayings, and finish the package with a ribbon or rope and a gift tag for a simple yet stylish gift that will impress your friends. Simple and sleek or bright and bold, the choice is entirely up to you!

Not only does the pillow shape of Kraft paper pillow boxes create a stylish and unique look for making your products and gifts stand out, but the structure of the box makes it more sturdy and robust for keeping your items safe during shipping and travel. While the strong kraft paper is a reliable packaging material, the space-saving pillow shape also allows the boxes to be packed and stored flat until they’re needed, which means they take up very little storage space. Their small design and light-weight nature means they are a cost-efficient packaging method; they can be shipped at an affordable rate and bought in bulk and stored to give you a lower wholesale rate.

Custom Kraft pillow boxes can be made to fit your specific size, printing, and design requirements. Add your logo, product information, or a message onto your boxes in black or colored ink to catch the attention of guests or buyers or add foil stamping for extra shine and intrigue. You can even insert a PVC clear plastic product window into the pillow boxes to allow for visibility of your products and goods. You can also add handles, ribbon closures, or other details. No matter what your business and packaging needs, we can make a custom Kraft pillow box perfect for your store or event! Contact us today with your specifications and get started.

Kraft pillow boxes are a cost-effective, customizable, convenient, and eco-friendly choice for your business, event, or gifting needs. Try them out today or send us your requirements to get started on a custom order!