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Natural Kraft Jewelry Gift Boxes Wholesale

Brown Kraft Jewelry Boxes

Our brown Kraft jewelry gift boxes come in 9 sizes to fit your product packaging or gift wrapping needs. Made of rigid Kraft paper stock and chipboard, the boxes are sturdy and durable. Black velvety foam inserts can also be added for greater security and luxury.The functional and stylish two-piece telescope lid and base make the boxes easy to open and suitable for all types of occasions and uses.

Black Kraft Jewelry Boxes

For more high-end and elaborate items, we also offer black Kraft paper jewelry boxes in 6 sizes. These boxes add additional luxury to your packaging with black foam die-cut inserts to hold jewelry like earrings and necklaces securely in place. However, these boxes are also good for other items such as handmade or craft pieces that require extra care.

Decorated Kraft Jewelry Boxes

The simple yet elegant design of plain Kraft jewelry boxes makes them perfect for gift wrapping or product packaging, however, extra embellishment may also be added. For example, we can provide small artificial flowers such as sunflowers, roses, and calla lilies as well as ribbons with cute sayings for you to decorate your Kraft jewelry boxes with. We recommend this extra step for gifts or special merchandise.

Details Of Kraft Jewelry Boxes

The beauty of our Kraft jewelry boxes is in the details. Every box is made of quality Kraft paper and secured to study chipboard with glue to create a durable and sleek Kraft paper jewelry box. Meanwhile, our inner dividers are made of high-quality foam coated in velvet to create a softer and more luxurious feel.

  • Beige Jewelry Gift Boxes
    Beige Color 2-piece Jewelry Gift Boxes With Bowknot And Foam Insert
    From $1.10
  • Telescoping Jewelry Gift Boxes
    Marble Printing White 2-piece Telescoping Jewelry Gift Boxes With Foam Insert
    From $0.64
  • Kraft Rigid Gift Boxes
    Small Kraft Rigid Telescoping Gift Boxes With Finger Notch and Foam Insert
    From $0.66
  • Kraft Jewelry Gift Boxes
    Black Kraft Jewelry Gift Boxes With Black Foam Insert Wholesale
    From $0.66
  • Brown Kraft Jewelry Gift Box
    Buy Brown Kraft Jewelry Gift Boxes With Black Foam Insert Wholesale
    From $0.66
Jewelry Gift Boxes Wholesale

Jewelry packaging should be as beautiful as the items within while also being sturdy and safe enough to store the precious treasures inside without scratching, tangling, or damaging them. This is especially important for retail settings where a customer’s first impression of a product will be from the packaging. Our Kraft jewelry boxes are made with both looks and functionality in mind to create a balance that will appeal to all. We also offer our boxes in a variety of sizes and two color options to suit your packaging needs, whatever they may be!

Our Kraft jewelry boxes are made of sturdy Kraft paper and chipboard with high-quality foam inserts to protect even the most delicate of jewelry. Plus, made of eco-friendly and 100% recyclable materials, these boxes are more sustainable than packaging made of plastic, styrofoam, or other substances. Our Kraft jewelry boxes are also reusable and durable, and can be utilized for not just jewelry but other items such as handmade gifts, crafts, or other small items.

Kraft Jewelry Boxes for All Occasions

Whether you’re a jewelry maker, shop owner, or avid gift giver, our Kraft jewelry boxes are for you! The simple yet functional and stylish design of these boxes makes them ideal for a number of uses and can be displayed in a storefront, used for events, or even given to a friend as a gift. Kraft jewelry boxes make the jewelry or other items within stand out, allowing them to shine and catch the eye of gift recipients or potential customers.

Benefits of Choosing Kraft Jewelry Boxes

These jewelry Kraft boxes are compact yet functional and durable, allowing the products inside to remain safe even during travel or shipping. The packaging and materials are sustainable, reliable, and made to last, allowing them to be reused for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for gift wrapping or packaging for events or products, our Kraft jewelry boxes are a simple solution. Our brown Kraft boxes are perfect for handmade or more simple or sustainable items while the black boxes are best for more luxurious and elegant items. The boxes can be used plain or further decorated with artificial flowers or other adornments, such as ribbons, ropes, stickers, etc., which can be found in our store.

The boxes come in a variety of sizes in both black and brown to meet all packaging needs. Both options are available at affordable wholesale prices and can be ordered in bulk to save on costs. This is great for events or for retail settings where large quantities are needed.