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Natural Kraft Gable Boxes Bakery Packaging

Kraft Gable Boxes in 2 Colors

We also refer to our Kraft paper gable boxes, as gable-top handle boxes. They are available in two colors, black and brown, with each color being available in either large or small sizes. These kraft bakery boxes are ideal for small gift items and snacks such as cookies, chocolates, or candy.

Brown and Black Gable Boxes

For Kraft gable boxes, you have two color options of your choosing. Each color box is available in small and large sizes that are suitable for packing small pack cookies, chocolates, snacks, candies, and similar small gift items.

Big and Small 2 Sizes option

These Kraft gable boxes packaging feature two sizes, big and small, to meet your common packaging demands. These packaging boxes are made of sturdy, food-grade Kraft stock paper. This sturdy material helps the boxes maintain the proper shape after you fill the boxes with your products.

Kraft Gable box with Top handle

The Kraft paper gable box features a specific design that allows the box to have a handle once it’s been folded, making it easier to carry. These Kraft bakery boxes are ideal for delivering food to your customers, friends, and relatives, as a thoughtful gift. Everyone is sure to love them!

Gable Boxes Set Up without Glue

The Kraft gable boxes set without glue can be built in seconds by using the snap and lock paperboard inserts, so no adhesive is required. These glueless boxes are easy to fold, eco-friendly, and food grade, so you don’t have to worry about messes or toxic chemicals.

Decoration of Kraft boxes

These Kraft gable paper gift boxes are fabulous, even without stickers or ribbons, but if you would like to give your boxes a more professional appearance, feel free to visit our store. We offer sticker labels and more to help you make your packages more attractive to your customers for every occasion.

Kraft Gable Bakery Boxes

Our Kraft gable top box is composed of food-grade kraft paperboard. This sturdy material can be used as a bakery box to package cakes and other foods safely. These boxes can be labeled for you to display in your shop.

Simple Assembly Gable boxes

We ship you our Kraft paper gable boxes in a flat package to help you save money on the shipping cost. When the boxes arrive, you’ll need to assemble them, which can be completed in a few easy steps. You can set up your bakery box in seconds. Check out this video below to learn how to fold kraft paper gable box perfectly.

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    Brown Kraft Gable Boxes For Baking Food Gift Packaging Wholesale
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Your packaging should be attractive to your clients. Whether you’re sending one or multiple gifts, Kraft gable boxes has everything you need for packaging. These boxes are available in various sizes to meet your packaging needs. You have the option of express shipping, which allows you to receive your boxes quicker. Our gable boxes are available in different colors, allowing you to customize your designs to match your business labels, if you have them. Our most popular Kraft gable gift boxes are our black and brown boxes. Continue reading to learn more about our Kraft gable boxes.

How Are These Boxes Used?

You can use our Kraft gable boxes for many occasions, including business and personal use. When you use these boxes for business purposes, you can use these boxes to market your products. Our Kraft bakery boxes are great for packaging cookies and other small treats, and handmade products. These boxes make great additions to your store and they will capture your customer’s attention. Small Kraft gable boxes are often used to create small favor boxes with little gifts inside. You can showcase your creativity and add ribbons and stickers to your boxes.

When Are These Boxes Best to Use?

Kraft gable boxes are great for different occasions, including transporting food, picnics, and similar occasions. Our Kraft boxes make excellent gift wrappers for various events, such as business events, birthday parties, and weddings. These boxes are also great to use as treat boxes.

What Are the Benefits of Using Kraft Gable Boxes?

One great feature of our Kraft paper boxes is they are eco-friendly. Once they serve their purpose, you can easily discard them without negatively impacting the environment. These handy boxes are made of recycled paper. If you’re looking for a great way to “wow” your customers, Kraft gable favor boxes are the way to go. You can customize Kraft boxes packaging to add your personal style to your boxes. From business logos to printed stickers, the possibilities are unlimited. Ribbons are also great to use to add a decorative edge to your boxes.

Another perk of our packaging boxes is they are easy to assemble. Building a box may sound like a daunting task, but the assembly of our boxes are easy. The top of Kraft gable boxes are comfortable and easy to carry, and these boxes won’t easily fall apart.

Why Should You Choose Kraft Gable Boxes Wholesale?

Buying packaging boxes in bulk is a great way to save money. Our Kraft gable boxes also help you save money on shipping costs because shipped these boxes flat. Kraft gable boxes feature unique designs and colors. There are different decorations and designs you can add to these boxes to add your personal flair, such as logos, names, and other décor.

Bottom Line,Kraft gable boxes are your go-to for packing small and medium items, whether the items are from a bakery or hand-made items, these gable boxes have your packing needs covered.These gable packing boxes are recyclable and biodegradable, making them “green” items. You can safely dispose of these boxes when you’re done using them, and you don’t have to worry about harming the planet. Our gable boxes are different from other boxes because they can be used for different occasions. These Kraft gable gift boxes will exceed your expectations and meet your packaging needs. One of the best part of these boxes is they are available today! Get these awesome gable boxes to “wow” your customers now!