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Custom Kraft Cardboard Rigid Magnetic Lid Boxes

What is a magnetic box? It’s not for packing magnets! They are called magnetic boxes because of their flap closure mechanism. Also called magnetic closure boxes or magnetic flap boxes, this fun take on a standard box is usually made from rigid cardboard with two small metal magnets slotted inside the material of the front wall to be seamlessly hidden yet effective apparatuses for keeping the box closed. Our custom magnetic boxes can be fully personalized when it comes to color, closure type, artwork, size, inserts, and more!

Custom Kraft Cardboard Rigid Magnetic Boxes with 5 different Closure Types.

1. Custom Rigid Magnetic Lid Boxes With Half Flap.

Our half-flap boxes create a pocket-like closure for additional security while still being just as easy to open as our standard magnetic closure boxes. Simply tuck the upper flap into the lower flap and the magnets will seal the box closed. Like all of our magnetic boxes, our half-flap boxes are completely customizable when it comes to color and size. Even the length of the flaps can be tailored to your liking or to fit the aesthetics of the overall box shape and size. Finish your package by adding personalized stickers to seal the flap closed and provide extra branding and artwork.

Custom Kraft Cardboard Rigid Box

2. Custom Gift Boxes With Shaped Magnetic Lid.

The standard flaps of our magnetic boxes are cut in a rectangular or squared-off shape; however, they can be customized for your specific needs, such as in a triangular or angled shape or as an oval with a rounded edge.

Custom gift box with magnetic lid

3. Custom Magnetic Gift Boxes With Or Without Glued Spine.

Our magnetic gift boxes can not only be customized at the front but also along the back edge. Chose between allowing the lid to fall freely open or stay upright and attached by either gluing the top in place or leaving it loose. The former option allows the flap to be opened more widely and lay flat while the latter option may provide more stability and support. Depending on what you wish the box to hold, the choice is up to you! However, we do recommend that glued lids be used with taller boxes and unglued lids with smaller or shorter boxes.

Custom Kraft Cardboard Rigid Box

4. Custom Magnetic Boxes With Ribbon Pull Or Finger Notches.

Add a ribbon pull closure or finger notch to your custom magnetic closure boxes to make them easier to open and close. Customize your ribbon choice with a unique color selection such as black, white, gold, and more, or specify the size and shape of your finger notch to add an interesting and one-of-a-kind finishing touch to your boxes. However, please note that, although both options provide additional ease and comfort for opening the magnetic boxes, the ribbon pulls may be more accessible as they are usually more noticeable and obvious, especially if the boxes will be covered in a coating or artwork which the finger notch might blend into.

Custom magnetic boxes

5. Custom presentation magnetic gift boxes with rope handle or ribbon closure.

Add a rope handle or ribbon closure to your magnetic boxes for easier carrying and handling. Chose between magnetic and nonmagnetic options depending on your closure design, and specify finishing touches such as bows or other decoration. Both the ribbon and handle closures come in a variety of color options such as black, white, gold, and more.

Custom magnetic gift boxes

Add A Personalized Insert To Your Customized Kraft Rigid Cardboard Magnetic Boxes For Additional Security And Appeal.

1. Custom Hinged Lid Rigid Magnetic Boxes With A Paperboard Insert

Fill your magnetic box with an insert to keep your products or gifts even more protected and provide an additional aesthetic appeal. Our Kraft paperboard insert option is the most cost-effective and flexible of our insert choices, as it can be formed into almost any shape and can be tightly molded to your piece to keep it secure for shipping or travel. Made of 100% recyclable cardboard and paper, this option is also our most eco-friendly insert offering.

Customized Kraft rigid cardboard box

2. Custom Rigid Kraft Magnetic Packaging Boxes With Die-cut Foam Insert.

Foam inserts are another option for packaging and keeping small items safe and come in several customizable varieties. EVA foam is the hardest of the three foam choices, while EPE foam has a medium firmness, and XPE is the softest. Any option can be customized with your choice of color and thickness. Our foam comes in black, white, and grey and can even be finished with a velvet-like coating to give an additional degree of luxury. No matter what style, type, or color you chose, the foam can be die-cut to fit your items snugly and securely. Boxes with foam inserts are perfect as jewelry packaging gift boxes or for items such as glass bottles or gemstones which may be more delicate.

Custom rigid Kraft magnetic box

3.Custom Magnetic Flap Top Cardboard Gift Boxes With Silk Cloth Insert.

For the utmost luxury and uniqueness, we recommend going with our silk cloth insert which uses a soft foam to protect the gift or product hidden beneath a sleek silk cloth in your choice of gold, silver, and more. These boxes are popular choices for wine, porcelain, or other fragile and high-end items.

custom magnetic cardboard gift boxes

Custom Kraft Rigid Magnetic Closure Boxes With Clear Windows.

Perfect for displaying products, our magnetic closure boxes with clear PVC windows allow for clients to get a glimpse of your merchandise while avoiding wear and tear on the packaging or contamination of the products within. As with all our magnetic closure boxes, the size and specifications of the window can be adjusted to your particular needs.

Custom Kraft rigid magnetic box

Customizable Foldable And Collapsible Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes

Foldable magnetic boxes are a great cost-efficient option for shipping and bulk orders as they can be more easily purchased in large quantities and stored. Saving space with the collapsible design, the boxes can then be assembled when needed using the self-sticking adhesive strips on the corners. Once put together, the boxes are just as rigid and sturdy as our other, pre-made magnetic boxes. This foldable option also comes with all the same customization options when it comes to size, color, artwork, etc., although we don’t recommend using them with foam inserts, which should be glued in before being shipped for the best and most secure results.

Bespoke magnetic foldable gift box

Custom Printed Coated BROWN Kraft Surface Paper Rigid Cardboard Magnetic Boxes.

Create and print any artwork you chose in full color onto your magnetic Kraft paper boxes. Our custom printed brown Kraft paper boxes are ideal for environmentally conscious, natural, or simple branding, such as that for teas, skincare, or similar products. The process integrates your logo, branding, and images with the natural brown color of the Kraft cardboard in a beautiful way. Most custom-printed Kraft boxes have a matte finish, although they can be further embellished with UV spot application or foil stamping. For glossier options, we recommend going with our WHITE boxes.

Custom printed Kraft cardboard box

Customized BLACK Kraft surface paper coated cardboard rigid magnetic closure boxes.

For more sleek and modern products such as tech or high-end merchandise, we suggest our black Kraft rigid magnetic boxes, which combine a modern, matte black background with your brand’s design elements, such as your logo or product artwork. These details can be further embellished with spot UV or foil stamping in gold, black, or other color options.

Black kraft paper cardboard box

Customized WHITE Surface Paper-coated Magnetic Closure Boxes With Full-color Printing.

Our white Kraft paper boxes allow for the most customization, allowing you to fill the surface of the box with artwork, images, and color from top to bottom. Create fully printed gift boxes to boldly showcase your brand and merchandise and use your packaging as a beautiful marketing opportunity for your clients to carry and take home with them. The choices are limitless! Check out our customer photos to see a few ideas and get inspiration to create your own printed gift boxes.

full-color printing magnetic box

Feel free to reach out to discuss creating your fully customized and branded rigid cardboard magnetic packaging boxes. You’ll be asked a few questions about your ideas and specifications. Once we have your inquiry, we’ll get back to you within 12 hours with a quote and information about moving forward. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Custom rigid cardboard gift box
    Custom rigid cardboard gift box
    Custom top and bottom 2-pieces and neck-shoulder 3-piece style rigid kraft paper coated and white paper coated rigid cardboard gift boxes.