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Beautiful Kraft Paper Printed Packaging Gift Boxes

Suitable for various Packaging needs

Our Kraft paper well-printed gift boxes can be used for almost anything, including food packaging for items such as chocolates, candies, cookies, or pastries, or for gift items and other products. The boxes can also be ordered with an affordable matching gift bag for retail, gift wrapping, or event purposes.

Three Size Options

Our Kraft paper printed gift boxes come in three sizes of varying lengths and widths to meet your packaging needs. For every size, we carry Kraft paper bags that will fit the specific measurements of the box to create a matching set. 

Beautiful Design

These brown Kraft paper gift boxes are printed with the beautiful artwork of your choice on the exterior, while the interior is left plain and natural. This makes for a beautiful design that does not require any additional wrapping or adornment.

Easy Open and Close

Kraft paper printed gift boxes are easy to use and assemble. The top flaps can be inserted into one another, the boxes can be sealed with a sticker, or they can be kept closed with rope or ribbon.

Flat Shipping 

Kraft paper boxes are shipped flat to make them more cost effective and easier to store. This method also ensures the boxes are less likely to be damaged during travel and can be more conveniently ordered in bulk. However, Kraft printed gift boxes can be easily assembled in a few minutes without gluing or other sealing measures.


You can decorate your Kraft printed gift boxes by pairing them with matching printed Kraft paper bags or adding accessories such as stickers, ribbons, and other adornments. Such ornamentation can be found in our store. For example, attach a ‘thank you’ sticker to a gift or a ‘handmade’ sticker to a crafted product.

Flip-top Printed Kraft Paper Box for Cakes and Cookies

We also offer similar Kraft paper boxes in a flip-top style. Unlike our other printed Kraft packaging boxes, these have a single lid piece rather than two lid flaps, and opens at the front edge. These boxes come in two sizes: large and small. Flip-top boxes can be printed with full-color artwork and ordered with matching affordable printed Kraft paper gift bags. Like other Kraft boxes, flip-top boxes are shipped flat to make them more affordable and to allow for better storage. However, they are easy and quick to assemble without gluing, taping, or other sealing measures.

Two-piece Printed Kraft Gift Dessert Boxes

We also offer two types of two-piece printed gift boxes. One uses a flip-top lid and bordering box piece to create a chest-like opening experience. The other uses a cardboard sleeve to make a drawer-style box. Both styles come in two sizes: small and large. For either style, personalized printed artwork can be added to the exterior of the box and used to create affordable matching gift bags. These durable, yet interesting and entertaining boxes are perfect for cookies, cakes, pastries, and other desserts or for products and gifts.

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