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Greaseproof Small Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Small Paper Bags in 4 Sizes

We have four standard sizes of these small brown kraft paper bags. They have a side gusset, which increases the space for contents such as burgers, pancakes, crepes, etc. Available in a range of sizes to suit your food products.  

Greaseproof Small Kraft Bags

These small brown paper bags are waterproof and greaseproof to ensure the product inside remains fresh and clean. The exterior of the packaging will also stay intact and keep hands clean even when wet or greasy. This makes them perfect for pastry shops or bakeries, fairs and events, delivery or take-out items, and more!

Food-safe small Kraft Paper Bags

These small Kraft food packaging bags are made of food-grade Kraft paper, which allows food items to be placed directly inside without risk of contamination.

Durable small brown paper bag

Made of quality Kraft paper with a greaseproof and waterproof laminate, these bags are incredibly durable and functional for a variety of food item uses. The bags work incredibly well for fast-food or fair settings or for delivery purposes where food may be prepackaged. Even greasy fries or baked goods can sit in these bags for hours without compromising their integrity.

Brown Bags without Gusset

This small flat bag makes storage easy as the bags take up very little space. This style of bag is best for small and thinner items such as cookies, slices of bread, thin sandwiches, etc.

Triangular open Small Brown Paper Bags

This style of bag has a triangular slit opening at the side which allows for customers to see the food within. This is best for on-the-go snacks for events or fairs as it will be easier for customers to eat right out of the packaging. For example, foods like donuts, burgers, etc. can be easily put inside, given to a customer, and eaten right from the package.

  • Kraft Paper Doughnut Bag
    Triangular Shape Open Greaseproof Kraft Paper Bag For Pastry Doughnut
    From $0.12
  • Kraft Baking Paper Bag
    Greaseproof Biscuit Pancake Baking Food Packing Brown Kraft Paper Bag
    From $0.09
  • Kraft Hamburger Paper Bag
    Greaseproof barbecue hamburger pancake packing brown Kraft paper bag
    From $0.14

Packaging can be challenging, especially when it comes to food, which must be packed safely to avoid contamination. Our small Kraft paper bags are food-grade safe, durable, functional, and come in a variety of sizes and styles to make packaging easier no matter what your needs may be.

What Are Small Kraft Paper Bags Typically Used For?

Small Kraft paper bags are good for a variety of uses such as for snacks, pastries, takeout items, and more. They are especially useful for greasy foods such as burgers, pizza, fries, donuts, etc. as the laminated lining will protect the bags from damage and keep hands clean.

Small Kraft paper bags are useful for a variety of occasions, such as for bakeries, sweet shops, delis, fairs and events, food trucks, and more. They are also helpful for catering events or parties, or for use as treat bags. No matter what type of food or snacks you serve, these bags make it easier to store and carry items or for eating on the go without a mess.

Why Choose These Small Brown Paper Bags?

Our small Kraft paper bags are made out of 100% recyclable Kraft paper and are more environmentally friendly than other food packaging made of plastic and styrofoam. They are also FDA-approved and made of food-grade materials to ensure the safety of consumers. The small brown paper bags are easy to use and require no assembly; simply fluff a bag to make more room in the interior and fill it with whatever food items you wish.

The paper used to create these small Kraft paper bags is thick enough to hold food without ripping. Yet the bags are also compact enough to be easily stored and carried. And, because they are laminated to be waterproof and greaseproof, these bags are more durable and reliable than other food packaging, which often disintegrates or weakens when in contact with grease or moisture. This makes them more long-lasting and protects food items with frosting or glaze from transferring their precious designs or smudging.

These bags are simple yet functional and attractive. The natural brown color of the packaging is suitable for food items while the grease-proofing and waterproofing will ensure that the bag looks good even hours after packaging.

These bags are available at wholesale prices and can be ordered in bulk, which is beneficial for large events or for restaurants and bakeries. The bags also ship flat to reduce costs and save space. We also offer free express shipping to 26 countries to make our products even more affordable.

Contact us to get these reliable bags for your food items today!