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Kraft Paper Gift Bags with Handle Wholesale

Plain Kraft Paper Gift Bags with Rope Handle

We offer our Kraft paper gift bags in both brown and black color options. These come with a nylon rope handle. These bags are available in 10 sizes, all made from 220gsm rigid kraft paper. Each bag can carry around 5 to 8 kg (10 to 18 lbs). At the bottom of each bag is a paperboard base that helps the bag support the weight of the items within. It is possible to customize bags to specific sizes and we are happy to add custom artwork. Please get in contact for a quote.

Colorful Plain Kraft Paper Bags with Paper String Handle

Our Kraft paper gift bags are also available with paper string handles. We offer 10 fantastic color options. Each color of kraft bag is available in 3 sizes, made of 150gsm strong kraft paper which can support 5~8 kg /10~18 lbs. In addition to purchasing our currently available bags, we offer the opportunity to customize your own branded bags. We can print logos and text directly onto the printed Kraft gift bags with a minimum order is 300~500pcs, depending on requirements.

Printed Brown Kraft Paper Gift bags with Flat Paper Handles

These kraft paper bags come with a flat paper handle and are printed in black and white. We offer four patterns: dots, stripes, zigzag, and cube. Each printed pattern is available in small and big two sizes in stock, but we can accept custom orders for alternative sizes and prints on these kraft bags. We provide black paper handles for black printed bags, and natural brown Kraft paper handles for the white printed bags. All our Kraft bags are made from durable and recyclable Kraft paper stock.

Printed Kraft Gift Bags with Rivet Fixed Wide Flat Paper Handle

This is one of two styles of printed brown Kraft gift bags that comes with four silver rivet fixings to support a wide flat paper handle. This gives a luxury feel to the gift bag. The bag is made from 250gsm Kraft paper, which has a thick, rigid feel and will stand up to a lot of use. This bag is printed with a single green ink with a leaf motif and features a leaf-shaped clear PCV window, allowing a limited view into the bag. To complete the leaf theme, a green leaf-shaped gift tag is included. Customization can be considered for this bag, just in touch with your ideas. Available in 6 sizes.

Kraft Red Color Printed Gift bags with Die-cut PVC Clear window

Similar to the bag listed above, this bag also featured a single printed color and a leaf motif, this time in red. The same silver rivet fixings are included for a luxury vibe, and a die-cut PVC window in the shape of maple leaf allows a small view of the interior. It is a great look that is finished with the included maple leaf gift tag. With 6 sizes to choose from, these bags are a great option for relevant retails that might use nature in their branding, or for other users simply looking for an attractive gift bag. If you would like to discuss customizing these bags, please get in touch.

  • Kraft Paper Gift Bags
    Black Kraft Paper Gift Bags With Nylon Rope Handles
    From $0.88
  • Brown Kraft Paper Gift Bags With Nylon Rope Handles
    From $0.89
  • Kraft Paper Gift Bags
    Brown Kraft Gift Bags Printed In White And Black Color With Flat Paper Handles
    From $1.15
  • Kraft Paper Gift Bags
    Luxury Green Printed Flat Handle Kraft Gift Bags With PVC Window, Leaf Hangtag
    From $1.78
  • Kraft Handle Gift Bag
    Red Printed Flat Paper Handle Kraft Gift Bags With Window, Maple Hangtag
    From $1.75
  • Kraft Paper Gift Bags
    COLORFUL Natural Kraft paper gift bags with paper string handle in 3 sizes
    From $0.88

Customized Printed Kraft Paper Gift Bags with Handle


Kraft paper bags – Usable in everyday living.

Paper bags are incredibly versatile. We use bags, in general, all the time, whether it’s for shopping, moving items from A to B, or just to contain our lunches. Whatever the reason that you might need a bag, it is impossible to argue that they are incredibly useful. Our Kraft paper bags have the added advantage over plastic bags of being recyclable and biodegradable and are therefore more nature friendly than common plastic carrier bags. When it comes to gifting, paper bags are always the preferred option, showing that people have an affinity to paper bags and feel they are a luxury item over plastic. Kraft paper gift bags are ideal as they come with handles that are also made with recyclable natural paper materials. They are inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

We have a sense of pride in our Kraft bags range. We are confident that we offer suitable products for all ranges of life, and retailers should have no problem finding the right products from us. Our Kraft brown paper bags are a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to demonstrate that they are environmentally friendly, using them instead of plastic bags. We offer a wide range of smaller brown paper bags that are perfect for corporate events, parties, and other gatherings. Kraft bags wholesale is an option for small business owners and entrepreneurs that need simple packaging gin volume today. Whether it is needed simply for carrying gifts or for transporting products, our budget-friendly brown paper bags are perfect. The small Kraft paper bags are flexible and will suit a wide range of situations. We are very competitive in terms of costs, so check out our range.

The handles on our Kraft paper bags are made from 100% recycled material. As a business, we feel it is vital to support nature and minimize our impact. This is why we have designed our products to be environmentally friendly and most can be recycled. Our range of black and brown bags with carrying handles bring together high-quality stock paper with strong nylon ropes. Each is offered in 10 sizes and will securely support between 5 and 8kg of weight. We also offer a Kraft paper bag in a range of colors and with paper handles. As one of our best selling ranges, we strongly believe that this product suits the majority of businesses. Each color of Kraft gift bags is offered in 3 sizes and is made from 150gsm Kraft paper.

Why should you use Kraft paper bags for your business?

One of the most significant advantages of using Kraft paper bags over plastic bags is that it will help differentiate you from budget competitors. Many big luxury brands, such as Selfridges, use paper bags with carrying handles. By creating a unique brand image, you can go head to head with larger or better-established rivals.

In addition to this, using environmentally friendly materials may better align with your company’s vision. Eco-friendly options are now a hot topic and many consumers will prefer to shop with brands that make a conscious effort to be better for the environment. Will you be making sure your brand meets your customers’ demand for an environmentally friendly product when it comes to your chosen packaging?

Plastic waste has been an environmental disaster and, over time, measures will be introduced by governments to force all companies to avoid any unnecessary plastic use. By being ahead of the curve and investing in eco-friendly options for your business and opting for Kraft bags, your business will be at the forefront of the movement for change. Kraft paper bags with handles are the perfect choice to begin creating your environmentally friendly brand image.

Why Choose Kraft paper bags wholesale?

Bags are an essential part of all retail experiences. Whether it is simply a means to get shopping home, or an Instagram-worthy packaging that your clients love to show off, the bag is the starting point of your brand image. It highlights so much about your brand and it is the advert your customers will carry away with them. Gift bags from high-end luxury retailers and boutiques are highly valued and feature heavily on their social media. Kraft Packaging Store is here to provide you with the ultimate solutions to promote your business with eco-friendly Kraft gift bags. Choose bags that properly represent your brand.

We can provide a luxury feel with our Kraft paper bags, especially our range bearing handles that are designed to provide a classic retail image for your brand. The durable Kraft bags are made of 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. They are food safe and sturdy, with a premium finish. We can cater to requests for customization, with brand logos and text additions available upon request Our Kraft bags wholesale range is competitively priced, making it easy for small businesses to enter the luxury packaging market.

Now is the right time for brands to make the effort to share their customers’ values. The public is alert to companies that fail to strive to improve and perfect their environmental footprint, and this can have significant impacts upon your business. Brands that match up to the new wave of environmentally friendly lifestyles will find their clients more engaged and interested in their success, becoming loyal customers. Show your future customers that you are a brand that cares with a range of fashionable and eco-friendly paper packaging.