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Flat Pack Kraft Boxes with Lid Packaging

Lid Box Style #1: Wide Edge 

Our Kraft boxes with lid come in three styles to meet your packaging needs. Style #1 is a wide-edge style that has a tray piece with a wide border that creates thicker walls for the box itself, making it more durable for heavier or more fragile items.

Variety of Sizes

Our Kraft boxes with lids and wide edge come in six sizes for packaging socks, belts, notebooks, gifts, and other items. Made of sturdy Kraft paper, the boxes have a nice weight and feel and will retain their shape even during travel or handling to protect the items within.

Lid Options

Our wide-edge Kraft paper packaging boxes with lid come with your choice of a full lid or half lid. The full lid is deep enough so that the entire base rests inside, creating the appearance that the box is one piece. The half lid is deep enough so that half the base fits inside, leaving the bottom visible.

Durable Construction

All of our Kraft boxes with lids are made of sturdy Kraft paper stock which will retain its shape once assembled even when handled or traveling long distances. This also ensures that items within are protected from damage.

Style #2: Thin Edge

Our second style of Kraft boxes with lid are similar to style #1 but have a much thinner edge along the base. This creates a lighter feel, allows them to be more easily folded, and makes them more cost efficient. However, they are slightly less durable.

Variety of Sizes 

This second style of Kraft boxes with lid come in 10 size options and two color varieties: black and brown. With so many varieties to choose from, these small Kraft gift boxes with lids are suitable for almost any gift wrapping or packaging need.

Style #3: Divider Kraft Gift Boxes with Lid

The third style of Kraft gift boxes with lid are similar to style #1 but include a divider insert. The boxes can be divided into 2, 4, 6, or 9 sections depending on your needs, making it perfect for craft supplies like beads, items such as jewelry or gemstones, foods like cookies or candies, or other small gifts and products. This style of Kraft gift boxes allow for easy displaying which makes them perfect for product assortments and gifts. Matching bags for these boxes can also be purchased in our store to create a complete set. You can check out our Kraft gift bags here.

  • Black Kraft Gift Box
    Black Kraft Gift Box With Lid Has A Base Without Wide Border
    From $64.83
  • Brown Kraft Gift Box
    Brown Kraft Gift Box With Lid Has A Base Without Wide Border
    From $0.67
  • Brown Kraft Gift Boxes
    Brown Kraft Gift Boxes With Lid Packaging With Divider Insert
    From $1.33
  • Black Kraft Boxes
    Black Kraft Boxes With Lid Has A Wide Border On Bottom Base
    From $0.77
  • Brown Kraft Boxes
    Brown Kraft Boxes With Lid Has A Wide Border On Bottom Base
    From $0.75

It’s difficult to find packaging that fits products well, especially those that are of irregular size. In order to accomodate all packaging needs, we create Kraft boxes and bags in a number of sizes and shapes. Our Kraft boxes with lid come in a variety of sizes to fit all your packaging or gift wrapping needs and can be customized to suit your specific products. Finding the right size for your products is important for ensuring they will remain secure and safe, especially for traveling or shipping purposes. A snug yet comfortable fit for your items is best as any extra space in the box will allow products to move around, which could cause damage. If a product is irregularly shaped or is too small for the box size, raffia, tissue paper, or other stuffing can be added to pad the interior and fill in gaps or you can add a divider or insert.

Kraft paper boxes with lids are great for gift packaging as the shape of the box won’t give the receiver any clue as to what’s inside, maintaining the surprise. Kraft paper boxes with lids are stylish enough to be presented on their own without additional adornment but can be ordered with a matching Kraft paper bag or other accessories such as ribbons and stickers to create a more sophisticated experience.

Plain Kraft gift boxes, especially our natural Kraft boxes in standard brown, are best for sustainable, natural, and handmade items while the red and black Kraft paper boxes are best for special occasions such as weddings or for use as event favors. Our Kraft boxes are both functional and attractive. They are durable enough to keep products safe even when traveling or handled regularly and have a simplistic elegance that can be easily embellished and elevated for more sophisticated situations. For example, adding a divider to our natural Kraft gift boxes with lids will make them more attractive as gift sets. Our Kraft boxes with lids can also be made even more attractive with additional adornments such as ribbons or stickers, which are available in our store.

Because Kraft paper boxes with lids are made with 100% recyclable Kraft paper, they are more environmentally friendly than many other wrapping or packaging options such as those made of plastic or paper products that are coated in wax such as wrapping paper. These Kraft boxes are also made of food-grade Kraft paper, making them safe for use with food items such as cookies, candies, chocolates, and more.

Our Kraft paper boxes are not only good for the environment, but for your budget. Buying boxes overseas may be cheaper, but the cost of shipping and the time the order will take to arrive can undercut these savings. When planning for an event or choosing packaging for your products, waiting weeks or even months for your boxes to arrive is less than ideal, especially if you’re looking to order on a consistent basis. At the Kraft Packaging Store, we offer express shipping through UPS, DHL, and FedEx to make sure your products get to you on time while also offering low wholesale prices for bulk deliveries with a minimum of 50 pieces. This makes our packaging a great option for large events or retail settings.