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Custom Rigid Kraft Cardboard Slide Drawer Boxes

Cardboard packaging comes in so many varieties that it is sometimes a hard task for a customer to know exactly what it is they want to ask for. With that in mind, let’s look at one of our most popular options – The box with a slide-out drawer. We do a variety of drawer options, made from rigid kraft paper cardboard, and are often called a variety of names, such as called slide rigid boxes, rigid drawer boxes, and sliding drawer gift boxes. Check out our options for the Kraft rigid drawer boxes below, which come with a range of customizable elements and are made from stylish but eco-friendly Kraft paper.

Custom Rigid Kraft Drawer Box

Custom rigid Kraft sliding drawer boxes are available with 4 different opening options.

1. Custom Kraft cardboard slide rigid boxes opening with a ribbon pull tab.

Our slide drawer boxes operate by sliding the inner draw out from its outer sleeve. The ribbon pull tab option is one of our most popular packaging options for the sliding drawers as they provide a convenient way to extract the draw from the Kraft rigid slide-out box packaging. The back end of the sleeve can be sealed or you can opt to allow the draw to be pushed/pulled out from both ends, as with matchboxes. By adding the ribbon pull tab, the drawer slides smoothly from the sleeve and gives a higher-end finish to your product. We provide these rigid slide boxes in a variety of colors and styles, and the same is true for the available ribbon options, to allow you to match or contrast with the ribbons with the Kraft custom slide boxes for that perfect finish.

Kraft cardboard slide rigid box

2. Customized Kraft cardboard sliding drawer boxes opening with a rope pull tab.

Sometimes the ribbon isn’t right for the product you are selling, but we’ve got you covered. We offer a linen rope pull tab alternative for the Kraft rigid sliding drawer boxes. The color of the rope is in line with the brown Kraft paper-coated drawer box to ensure the most pleasing look. Brown Kraft boxes are great for special collections or new product launches and can be printed with product and brand details.

Customized Kraft cardboard drawer box

3. Custom rigid slide open Kraft drawer boxes with finger notch pull option.

If you prefer a sleek look, you may not want a ribbon or rope option. We have you covered and can offer you a range of rigid sleeve boxes that feature a cut notch that allows a customer to insert a finger and slide out the draw. This is a neat look and is particularly useful when packing products that might need to be shipped, as nothing protrudes from the box. Please note that due to the construction of the Kraft drawer boxes, you will see a thin grey line as the notch cuts through the outer brown Kraft paper and exposes the inner greyboard inside, but as our customers tell us they love these boxes, we are sure you will too.

Custom Kraft drawer box

4. Kraft cardboard slide out kraft drawer box without notch or pull tab.

Our final option in this category is the Kraft cardboard slide-out kraft drawer box without a pull opening. The sleeves on these are always open at each end so customers can push the inner draw out of the sleeve from either direction. As mentioned above, this design is very much like the matchbox design and is therefore often called rigid match style gift boxes.

Kraft cardboard drawer box

Wide range of sliding drawer inserts for different types of gift boxes.

1. Custom Kraft cardboard sliding drawer style rigid boxes with paperboard insert.

We can provide you with paperboard inserts to allow you to lock your product snugly into their drawer without any risk of them moving around in transit. When your customer opens the drawer, your item will be sitting perfectly, waiting for them. We can offer die-cut shapes that neatly fit around your goods. Paperboard inserts are a strong, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable option, especially in comparison to foam and plastic inserts. Use Kraft packaging if you are looking for a neat and natural-looking packing option.

Custom sliding drawer gift box

2. Custom Rigid Kraft drawer gift box packaging with foam insert.

Whilst we strongly recommend our paperboard insert option for most customers, sometimes we know paperboard just isn’t up the task, particularly if you are packing and posting liquids, as liquid-filled bottles are extremely heavy. Instead, you may opt for a die-cut foam insert. We offer 3 main types of foam for inserts. These are XPE foam (soft), EPE foam (medium), and EVA foam (hard), so we have options for everyone. We can provide each of these foams in black, white, or grey color used. A velvet coating can be added to the foam for a luxurious look. We offer single and multi-aperture cut-outs to therefore fit any product. You can opt to purchase a low minimum order quantity.

Custom Rigid Kraft drawer gift box

Custom slide rigid drawer boxes with a clear window on the top.

If you would like your item to be on display and visible before the box is opened, we offer a clear window option made from transparent PVC. You can opt to have a logo printed into this if desired. In addition, you can opt to have the window aperture but without the PVC material, to allow customers to touch and try your product before unboxing. We offer a range of shapes for customization.

Custom slide rigid drawer box

Custom Kraft rigid sliding drawer boxes with carrying handle.

You might want to offer your client a product that can be carried away without the need for any further paper bags, particularly if it is a larger item. We offer our Custom Kraft rigid sliding drawer boxes with carrying handles added, turning the draw box into a rigid bag. You can add text to these boxes and a range of customizable options are available.

Custom Kraft rigid drawer box

Custom printed BROWN Kraft surface paper cardboard sliding drawer gift boxes.

When it comes to designing your custom packaging, one of the most important aspects to look at is the availability of color printing. We can offer single one color, two colors, three colors,or full-color printing to make sure that your product is packaged perfectly. We are happy to match any Pantone color requirements you may have, although our most popular option requested by clients is the natural Kraft paper look on our Kraft paper box packaging as this has an air of simplicity about it that many brands are striving to achieve.

Kraft cardboard slide rigid box

Customized BLACK Kraft surface paper rigid cardboard slider drawer boxes gift packaging.

If you are looking to promote a luxury brand vibe, check out our matte black Kraft paper option. This rigid packaging is ideal if you want to use hot foil stamps or a shiny spot UV logo. Our matte Kraft paper coated rigid cardboard sliding boxes in black are perfect for giving the impression of an elite luxury brand.

Customized Kraft rigid drawer box

Make to order WHITE surface slide rigid cardboard drawer boxes will full-color printing.

Finally, we offer the same packaging in a smooth and clean-looking white, which is ideal for providing either a minimalistic clean look or to cover with full-color print. These Kraft boxes are neat, clean-looking, and simple. The white option is the most commonly used solution for packaging that requires extensive or full-color printing.

Rigid cardboard drawer box

To start your own custom order for branded rigid slide drawer gift box packaging simply get in touch with us using the button below. We will endeavor to respond to you within 12 hours.

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    Wholesale Kraft slide drawer box
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