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Custom Printed Kraft Paper Shopping Gift Bags

  • Custom Printed Kraft Paper Shopping Gift Bag
    Custom Printed Kraft Paper Shopping Gift Bag

Customers love it when you package their products in a beautiful custom shopping bag with a handle. Apart from adding aesthetics to your brand and services, using personalized shopping bags with your company logo boldly printed on them also serves to advertise your business. Your customers’ friends will always take a second look at the logo when they see them carrying those beautiful bags. You can promote your business now by getting beautiful custom Kraft paper bags stylishly designed for your brand at very affordable prices. No matter your budget, you can trust us to create luxury coated paper gift bags in various styles, colors, printing finishing, and handle options tailor-made to fit your brand. These Kraft bags will add class, taste, and sophistication to your brand, leaving a lasting impression on your customers, making their shopping experience memorable. Our Kraft bags ideal for boutiques, grocery stores, gift shops, clothing lines, etc.

Custom printed brown Kraft paper shopping bags designed with curled Kraft paper string handles.

These Brown Kraft paper bags are stylishly designed with curled paper string handles to give them additional appeal and stylishness. Made from recycled Kraft papers, these shopping bags are reinforced to withstand the strain and serve for a long time. The brown color gives them a distinctive look, and when embellished with a colorful brand logo, they become even more eye-catching, causing people to stare as your customers flaunt their bags on the streets. The brown Kraft paper allows you to crest images of two or more colors on it. However, because brown backgrounds aren’t always ideal for embellishing white inks, you may need to use white ink to highlight any part of the design made in white for the best results. However, it is recommended that you use mainly darker colors when printing on brown Kraft paper bags. We also suggest that you keep your designs simple and classy and avoid using light colors which may cause printing blemishes.

Custom white Kraft paper printed gift bags designed with curled white paper string handles.

We also have white Kraft paper bags designed with white twisted paper handles. Unlike the brown Kraft paper bags that have a limited customizing ability due to color disparities, the white Kraft paper has a white background, which is perfect for all kinds of customization. Also, white paper bags are best for making prints on black paper bags, and they produce better results than brown Kraft bags. If you want to do a full-color design on your Kraft bag, then white Kraft gift bags are ideal for giving you the perfect result. White Kraft gift bags are your best bet for wedding welcome bags, party bags, and all other kinds of colorful occasions.

Luxurious white virgin paper gift bags and shopping bags designed with different handle options.

For clients who want more than just Kraft paper bags, we also have a wide range of aesthetically pleasant virgin paper stock-made gift bags designed in various styles and printing finishing. You can choose to use the embossing or debossing logo, glossy spot UV, hot foil stamping logo, or any other printing options with these bags. You can personalize these shopping bags and gift bags with different tote handles, including round or flat, paper or cotton, or any other kind of fully customized luxury gift bag. However, it is essential to laminate them with plastic film to protect the design from fading or wearing off; hence, they are not as eco-friendly as Kraft paper bags that are entirely made from recyclable materials.

Fully customizable printing and design options for custom gift bags wholesale.

These luxury paper gift bags allow you to customize your gift bags in different printing and design methods. From CMYK printing to PMS/Pantone color, these bags are ideal for giving you the most luxurious finish for any printing requirements. Also, aside from printing, if you’re looking to make your logo design shinny and outstanding, the UV finish and the hot foil stamping in gold and silver foil give you the most eye-catching designs on a matte finished paper bag. You may need to opt for the blind embossing and debossing options for logos with a unique touch and feel. We can also help you make a replica of any other finishes that aren’t listed above.

Different handle options for creating custom paper gift bags with handles.

People always want to carry bags with stylish handles. These handles come in different types, including cotton handle, ribbon handle, twisted paper handle, nylon handle, twisted PP handle, and flat paper handle. Each of these handle types comes in various colors and is attached to the bags either with glue or buckle. Another kind of handle called the die-cut handle isn’t an extra part attached to bags. They can be shaped into a rectangle, circle, or any other tote shape. We can also help you create any different kinds of handle you want that isn’t listed above.

Do you want to custom print your branded paper bags? To get a quote, get a die-line template, or discuss other details concerning customized paper bags, kindly contact us, and we will be happy to attend to all your needs.