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  • Custom Kraft wedding invitation boxes

    If you need stylish, natural-looking packaging for wedding invitations, RSVPs and thank you cards, check out our Kraft wedding invitation boxes. They look and feel great, with their earthy tones and eco-friendly vibe. Decorate them with ribbons, silks, crystals, or anything that comes to mind, to make your invitations memorable. We can provide you with customized invitation boxes with a variety of print and finish options.

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    Kraft wedding invitation boxes
  • Custom Kraft photo presentation box

    Presentation boxes are typically made from rigid cardboard because they are strong and look great. The box needs to stand up to a lot of handling, and our kraft boxes are certainly up to the task. Our Kraft frame boxes form part of a memorable gift and are sure to be treasured. We can offer magnetic lids, telescoping style boxes, or rigid drawer boxes.

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    Kraft photo presentation box
  • Custom Kraft stationery storage boxes

    Kraft stationery boxes are very versatile. Our Kraft document boxes are perfect for storing office files, or at home, they will suit storing your magazine collections. Kraft file boxes will hold paperwork or office stationery and other tools. Kraft stationery boxes look natural and are environmentally friendly, especially in comparison to the plastic alternatives. We offer customization options on these boxes.

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    Kraft stationery boxes
  • Custom Kraft business card boxes

    For simple but unique business cards, check out our range of brown Kraft business card boxes. They are easy to customize and we offer a range of print and finish styles. Whilst having a natural look, they convey a professional image, ideal for any professional seeking to give the natural touch to their image. We also offer envelope-style kraft boxes, greetings greeting cards, gift boxes, and many more options.

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    Kraft business card boxes
  • Custom Kraft retail boxes packaging

    Kraft retail boxes packaging will be familiar to anyone who frequently goes to supermarkets. It is a very popular method of packaging and presenting products, especially electronics, phone cases, wires, and so on. Thanks to the natural look, combined with the high-quality custom color printing. Expect a natural look with a professional finish. These can be made to be very eye-catching and can be enclosed or feature a window. The Kraft retail box is easy to recycle, helping to promote an earth-friendly brand image.

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    Custom Kraft retail boxes
  • Custom Kraft Boxes for beauty cosmetics

    Beauty products are used by such a wide variety of people that most people are familiar with their packaging styles. For brands that promote an eco-friendly style, the natural tones of Kraft boxes are chosen, as it suits the brand image very well. Kraft boxes are great for holding jars, essential oil bottles, and so much more. We offer Kraft Boxes in natural brown, or white. White is especially good when looking for full-color printing. For a luxury vibe, consider black packaging with hot foil stamping.

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    Cosmetic kraft boxes
  • Custom Kraft tie boxes & Shoe boxes

    Kraft boxes for ties, Shirts, and Kraft shoe boxes make a great impression and are a lovely way to present your product. Natural Kraft boxes are a great option for brands looking to be seen as environmentally friendly as the packaging is more eco-conscious. Kraft box will suit a range of needs. Kraft boxes can be left simply plain, or customized with logos, stickers, and printing options. There are many Kraft box options to choose from.

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    Kraft tie boxes shoe box
  • Custom Kraft tealight boxes packaging

    We offer a range of products to package tealights. Tealights tend to be used by eco-conscious clients and having the right packaging for their sensibilities is important. Our Kraft boxes can be customized with single or full-color prints. Windows can be added, either via an exposed window to allow clients to smell your products, or via a PVC panel to allow customers to look in.

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    Custom Kraft tealight boxes
  • Custom Kraft bath bombs packaging boxes

    Bath bombs have become very popular. Packaging for these tends to be Kraft Boxes, either in natural brown or in white with full-color printing. Packing these Kraft boxes with raffia or natural, crinkle-cut shredded paper are popular options. The Kraft boxes have a stylish brown appearance that will suit the natural and organic vibe. Kraft bath bomb packaging is recyclable and has little to no plastic in them, depending on your custom options.

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    Custom Kraft bath bombs boxes
  • Custom Kraft CD boxes packaging

    Kraft boxes work well for packing CDs. The simple CD box can be square with a sliding draw and insert, or the two-sided packet Kraft CD packaging case. In either case, these can be custom printed or decorated with labels or ribbons. The CD packaging is fully recyclable.

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    Custom Kraft CD boxes packaging
  • Custom Kraft Display boxes packaging

    A common way to display products at counters, these display boxes are perfect for holding a collection of a single product. Also called counter display boxes, the Kraft paper used is natural-looking. The Kraft counter display boxes are great for presenting organic products. If you are looking for a custom shape or size, please get in touch for a quote on our customized Kraft display boxes.

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    Custom Kraft Display boxes
  • Custom Kraft Jewelry boxes bracelet boxes

    Seen at trendy markets and shop counters, the natural Kraft boxes are trending right now for packing jewelry. Kraft ring boxes and Bracelet kraft boxes are often used by companies offering handmade jewelry products. These are available in a range of sizes. Kraft jewelry boxes can be supplied with die-cut foam and can be ordered in brown or black colors. Get in touch for a custom quote on our Kraft jewelry boxes.

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    Custom Kraft Jewelry boxes
  • Custom Kraft eyelash eyeliner boxes

    Most of our products can be put to a range of uses. The Kraft packaging can also be put to use in the cosmetics industry, being ideal for packaging in our Kraft eyeshadow boxes, Kraft eyeliner boxes, and Kraft eyelash boxes. Our Kraft packaging comes in a variety of styles. And can feature windows to display part of your product to prospective buyers. Inserts are available upon request for a custom quote.

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    Kraft eyelash Eyeliner boxes
  • Custom Kraft lip balm boxes lipstick Box

    Windows in our Kraft boxes are perfect for displaying your products. The Kraft box with a hangtag allows shops to be able to hang them up, maximizing space and the opportunity for shoppers to discover your products. We can offer packaging for simple or multiple products. Kraft rigid cardboard gift boxes are great for presentation of multiple product variations within a single package. Contact us for customization options Kraft lipstick boxes can be printed in a style of your choosing to get the right look for your brand.

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    Custom Kraft lip balm boxes
  • Custom Kraft Perfume boxes packaging

    Natural brown Kraft boxes can be printed in a variety of colors, but due to their uncoated surface, you can enjoy a texture not found on bleached white card stock. Brands interested in portraying a natural look to their products will often opt for Kraft packaging, We can provide natural brown Kraft boxes for perfumes too.with custom artwork such as full-color printing or foil stamping.

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    Custom Kraft Perfume boxes
  • Custom Kraft diffuser boxes packaging

    As you can see, there are many styles of Kraft boxes. Kraft diffuser boxes can have die-cut windows to allow clients to view the bottle before opening. Kraft diffuser boxes can have optional inserts. The boxes are flexible in terms of design options and can be printed and given hot stamp finishes, or you can use a plain brown Kraft box and simply add your brands' details with stickers.

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    Custom Kraft diffuser boxes
  • Custom Kraft paper sleeve packaging

    We develop natural paper sleeves for containers using Kraft paper. Kraft papers can be used to make soap wrappers, clothing sleeve packaging for different products. Kraft paper is brown naturally and can be printed easily. They are waterproof and can endure low temperatures in the refrigerator. They can also be used to wrap food containers. Custom Kraft paper sleeve packaging is reliable and cost-efficient.They are simple to customize and order.

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    Custom Kraft paper sleeve packaging


Bulk orders with customization can take 5-14 days.Custom Samples Are Within 7 days.Logo Printed in-stock pouches Need 5 days.Customized plain Kraft paper boxes need 7 days.Printed rigid gift boxes, bags and paper tubes need 14 days.To start your custom order for plain Kraft paper boxes simply get in touch with us using the button above. We will endeavor to respond to you within 12 hours.