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Custom Kraft Paper Soap Packaging Boxes

Our Kraft soap packaging is a popular choice for soaps, beauty and skincare products like organic soaps and medicated soaps, and more. Our soap packaging is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly with a natural look perfect for handmade, organic, and sustainable items. Simple, yet functional and stylish, our brown Kraft soap packaging can be customized to your specifications and products. You can even add a PVC clear window in the shape and size of your choice to give customers a glimpse of what’s within. Or, if you want something more minimal, we also offer Kraft sleeves or Kraft wrappers for simple branding in a storefront setting.

Kraft Paper Soap Packaging Box

Plain brown Kraft soap wholesale boxes with or without window insert.

Buying plain wholesale Kraft soap boxes is a budget-friendly and eco-friendly way to package your soaps. Our plain Kraft soap boxes are simple yet sturdy, allowing items to be shipped and stored without being damaged or contaminated. However, plain soap boxes lack that personal touch. Although they may be a fine choice for gifts to friends or for your own needs, you will likely want to add some branding and marketing to your packages if you wish to promote your products in a business setting. Custom soap packaging allows you to add elements like logos, product information, ingredients, and store information to your product packaging in a cost-effective way, allowing you to market to current and potential customers without expensive ads or marketing strategies.

Plain brown Kraft soap boxes

The advantages and value of using custom Kraft soap packaging boxes.

Good packaging isn’t just a vessel for your product but a way to catch the eye of your customer, to inform them about your business and items, and cement the connection by giving them the information they need to come back for more and recommend their friends and family to your services. Our custom-designed natural Kraft soap boxes allow you to maintain that natural look that’s best for handmade and sustainable items while also engaging your customers and heightening awareness of your brand. Our customization process puts the design of your packaging into your hands, allowing you to personalize every piece, from the size, shape, and window insert to the artwork, coloring, and stickers.

custom Kraft soap packaging box

Custom brown Kraft soap boxes are the best of both worlds: easy, efficient, and appealing.

No matter what style, shape, or color of box you choose, our custom-printed Kraft foldable soap boxes are the easiest and most cost-effective way to transport soaps and other items. The boxes come flat for easy and budget-friendly shipping and storage and can be assembled when needed. The boxes don’t require cutting or gluing, allowing them to be constructed in just a few minutes, but will be sturdy and durable enough to keep your products safe, whether they’ll travel only a few steps to your retail store shelf or be shipped across the country.

Custom brown Kraft soap box

Custom printed Kraft soap boxes with window

Add a customized, die-cut window insert to your custom Kraft soap boxes to allow customers to catch a glimpse (and a whiff!) of your beautiful products while still keeping your items safe and clean. Choose from an oval-shaped window, rectangular window, or other shape and add a straight or scalloped edge to set your packaging apart and catch the attention of your clients.

Our Kraft soap packaging boxes are both beautiful and highly functional and will help to preserve and protect your products for longer than if they were left unpackaged. Our Kraft soap packaging is made from high-quality, 100% recyclable Kraft paper. Not only is this a more eco-friendly option than plastic or virgin white paper, which is more suitable for natural and sustainable products, but it is highly durable too, even when wet.

Custom printed Kraft soap box

Custom pillow style Kraft soap packaging boxes

If you’re looking for a more creative soap packaging option, we recommend our custom pillow boxes. These pillow-shaped Kraft boxes have a cute, compact appearance that makes them a perfect option for small items and samples. Just like our plain Kraft pillow box, these pillow boxes are shipped flat and can be assembled when needed to save space and cut costs. The boxes are made to order for your specific sizing needs and can be customized with your artwork, branding, and other elements or can remain plain for you to decorate in store.

Custom Kraft soap pillow box

Custom Kraft drawer style soap packaging boxes with window

Our Kraft paper slide drawer boxes for soap packing are a great option for those who want to showcase the smell, feel, and look of their soaps but also want them to be safe and secure. The study Kraft paper protects the products while the drawer design allows customers to interact with the items inside in a unique and interesting way. Add a clear window for an extra layer of security or keep the boxes open for a more natural feel that allows your customers to be enveloped in the fragrances of your items. Like all our custom Kraft boxes, you can specify your size and add your own artwork and other elements or keep the packaging plain and unprinted for a more simple and natural style.

Custom Kraft soap drawer box

Custom printed Kraft soap sleeve and soap wrapper packaging

If you want an uncomplicated and cost-effective way to package your products and add a bit of branding to your items, we recommend soap sleeves or soap wrappers, which are more budget-friendly than Kraft soap packaging boxes. This basic packaging method allows customers to see and feel your items while also increasing awareness of your business and informing clients about your products and ingredients. The size of the wrappers and sleeves can be customized to snuggly fit your soaps and can be left plain or printed with a single color. Despite the simplicity of these sleeves and wrappers, they are actually quite durable and can even withstand water for several uses.

Custom printed Kraft soap box

Custom-printed white paper soap packaging

If the natural brown of our Kraft paper soap packaging doesn’t suit your needs, we also offer a white paper option. Although this option is slightly less environmentally friendly, it allows for more bold, vivid, and colorful artwork for brands that want something more intricate or elaborate. These boxes can be printed in full color and can even be UV spot printed or embossed with hot foil stamping for an additional touch of luxury. Feel free to send us a message to learn more about our custom soap packaging paper options.

custom printed soap packaging

Interested in creating your own branded paper soap packaging? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get you a free quote and soap box dieline within 12 hours of receiving your inquiry. Simply click the button below and get started on filling out your specifications.

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