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Custom Kraft Dessert Food Boxes Packaging

Our natural Kraft packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials, making it the perfect eco-friendly option for food packaging. While commonly used plastic and styrofoam containers are a cheap choice, they come at the cost of our earth and take years, if not decades, to decompose. Minimizing your footprint with recyclable packaging like our Kraft paper food boxes not only helps to lessen pollution and greenhouse gases, but will also be more appealing to environmentally conscious customers. Our Kraft packaging comes in a number of options to suit a variety of different items, including our Kraft popcorn container boxes, Kraft sandwich boxes, Kraft burger boxes, Kraft picnic boxes, and more! All styles of our Kraft gourmet packaging boxes also come in both plain and custom printed food packaging options to suit your branding and marketing needs.

Kraft Popcorn Packaging Boxes

Kraft popcorn boxes are a simple yet functional style of box made of food-grade, eco-friendly, and 100% recyclable Kraft paper. The lidless design allows the boxes to be stacked for storage and creates easy access and filling. Not only is this packaging ideal for popcorn, but for other food items such as nuts, french fries, trail mix, and more! Whether you’re looking to host a party or event, need popcorn packaging for your movie theater or drive-in, or run a food stand at fairs, these Kraft popcorn boxes are a great choice that can be customized for your needs and branding. Add a fun design to boast your product or add your logo and address as an additional marketing opportunity.

Kraft Popcorn Boxes Packaging

Kraft Paper Sandwich Packaging Boxes

Customize your sandwich packaging with our specialty Kraft paper sandwich boxes. Choose the size, shape, branding, and artwork for your brown Kraft container boxes that best fits your product and branding. You can even insert a PVC clear window to allow customers to view your product, or finish the package off with a customized sticker. Whether you’re looking for more natural-looking and plain Kraft sandwich boxes, fully customized and branded packaging that stands out from the crowd, or our highly popular wedge-shaped Kraft sandwich boxes that fit neatly on the shelf, we’ve got you covered! No matter what style you choose, our Kraft paper sandwich boxes will elevate your goods to the next level to attract potential customers and create a memorable eating experience.

Kraft Paper Sandwich Boxes Packaging

Custom Kraft Burger Boxes.

Not only are our natural Kraft boxes great for sandwiches, but we also have customizable varieties ideal for burgers. No matter if you serve loaded double-deckers, high-end sliders, or simple patties with cheese, and whether you want to get your name out there with bold and beautiful branded packaging or just need something functional and simple to fit your needs, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Customize your Kraft burger boxes from top to bottom, from the size to the color and artwork. No matter what style you choose, our clamshell-shaped Kraft burger boxes will keep your food safe and warm until it is enjoyed by your customer. Plus, made out of 100% recyclable Kraft paper, our Kraft burger boxes are a much more eco-friendly alternative to plastic, styrofoam, or even virgin white paper packaging. Make the switch today for better branding and a better, cleaner earth!

Custom Kraft Burger Boxes

Kraft Picnic Boxes Packaging.

Our Kraft picnic boxes allow you to bring the family fun outdoors without the waste! Made of 100% eco-friendly and recyclable materials, our disposable Kraft boxes are much better for the earth than styrofoam, plastic, or even virgin white paper packaging. Plus, made of food-grade, corrugated Kraft paper and with a sturdy design, our Kraft picnic boxes will keep your family’s lunch safe, whether it’s an assortment of snacks, sandwiches, or a full gourmet meal! Your boxes will be customized to your needs whatever they may be, from the size and style to the artwork, color, and branding. You can even add handles for easy carrying, inserts to hold cups and utensils, and tray tables to serve your food on!

Kraft Picnic Boxes Packaging

Kraft Gourmet Packaging Boxes

For high-end and gourmet food items, we recommend using our natural Kraft gourmet packaging boxes (rigid magnetic closure gift boxes) to elevate the customer experience. Like all of our food-grade Kraft packaging, you can customize these boxes to fit your needs including the size, shape, PVC clear window insert, artwork, and branding. But our gourmet boxes come with even more options for inserts, closures, dividers, and compartments. Choose from specialized styles such as our rigid telescoping boxes or our Kraft paper drawer boxes, or create your own personalized Kraft gourmet box packaging for your business’s needs.

Kraft Gourmet Boxes Packaging

Contact us today to get a free quote for your own personalized Kraft gourmet boxes. Minimum 300 pieces to order.