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Custom Kraft Cake Boxes Baking Boxes Packaging

Kraft baking boxes are produced from reused Kraft paper material, which is more economical and eco-friendly. Besides the pleasant look, brown Kraft paper cake boxes offer a more natural appearance than the traditional white virgin paper-made bakery boxes. Examples of Kraft bakery boxes include Kraft cake boxes, Kraft cake slice boxes, Kraft cupcake boxes, Kraft pie boxes, kraft cookie boxes, kraft biscuit boxes, and Kraft muffin Kraft donut boxes, and Kraft macaron boxes. These Kraft bakery packaging can be produced using a transparent window, alongside a paperboard tucked in several box designs. It comes with a handle, and you can print your personalized branded logo and artwork designs.

Custom Kraft Cake Boxes having A Clear PVC/ PET Window 

Kraft cake boxes having windows can display your cake when exhibited in the Barkey stores. Aside from keeping the cake healthy and attractive in the box, the custom kraft cake boxes with a PET window allow the customers to have a clear view of different beautifully designed cakes or pastries. You can decide the size and location of the window, whether it will be placed in front or on top of the box. Although Kraft window cake boxes offer several benefits, a drawback is the non-organic nature of the PVC or PET material which is plastic. If you consider an absolute reusable cake box, then paper cake boxes with PVC windows aren’t the ideal option.

Kraft cake boxes with window bakery boxes

Customize Designed Several Styles Kraft Cake Slice Boxes

Kraft paper slice cake boxes are convenient for distributing cake slices, pie slices, birthday cakes, quiche, and sweet desserts for all types of occasions like parties, weddings, and other unique events. They can be easily beautified with brightly colored rope, ribbon, printed stickers to add a sense of touch. They are naturally brown in color, which provides a fancier appearance. There is also a transparent window for exhibition and a holding handgrip on the top for easy carriage for bakery shop. Your company’s logo or shop details can be customized on the Kraft cake slice boxes to advertise your gastronome food, delightful dessert and baking cakes at a cost-effective price quantity.

Kraft cake slice boxes

Kraft Cupcake Boxes, Muffin boxes with Paper Insert and Window

Several design options for Kraft cupcake boxes are available for you to select. One such design includes a single-piece folding cupcake with a lock corner and pushes the clip to lock the box. It can also complement tuck holder for assorted cupcakes or muffins having several tastes in place, or just a minute exclusive piece cupcake box. These Kraft muffin boxes are produced from food-safe Kraft paperboard. They do not cause any harm when in direct contact with bakery food and can be easily refrigerated. The Kraft paper packaging provides a perfect natural look for packing fancy cupcake creations. There can be an aperture at the top with a transparent layer to view the brightly colored deciduous cupcakes in the box. The Kraft cupcake boxes with window is a fantastic way of exhibiting and flaunting your cupcake creations. Once you are done imprinting your customized bakery shop brand logo or have added your personalized stickers and labels, the cupcake boxes become an excellent courier of your lovely delicacies.

kraft cupcake boxes muffin.jpg
  • White Paper Muffin Boxes
    White Paper Muffin Cupcake Boxes With Insert And Clear Window
    From $0.82
  • Kraft Muffin Cupcake Boxes
    Brown Kraft Muffin Cupcake Boxes With Insert And Clear Window
    From $0.82

Kraft Cookies Boxes and Kraft Biscuit Boxes Packaging

Bakery products also include cookies and biscuits. The appearance of these products isn’t different from the cookies and biscuits. You can package your mouth-watering tasty cookies in the natural mild-looking reusable Kraft cookies boxes. It is flawless. You can have your Kraft biscuit boxes personalized. Imprint your brand name and logo on the boxes and furnish them with a brown tinted hemp rope. You can add a thanks tag using a folded Kraft paper. With this, you end making an excellent dispatch for your biscuit and cookies. You can also create the aperture in a particular shape in the cookie boxes, with a transparent screen or sheet to flaunt the handcrafted cookie and biscuit as presents to be given out on all types of events.

Kraft biscuit cookies boxes

Customized Kraft Donuts Boxes Packaging with Window

Putting the yummy donuts in a natural Kraft paper box rather than fold them in an undecorated food container can enhance people’s crave for your bakery products, and a custom printed Kraft donut box can effortlessly boost your donuts and gift for your clients. The Kraft donut boxes are created with reused Kraft material; hence they are safe even in contact with food. The Kraft donut boxes come with a handgrip to aid shopping. It also has a window that can help to store and showcase the donuts. The remaining donuts can be left in the box by simply closing the box lid. Go ahead and design and create a personalized Kraft donut box with Kraft Packaging Store in a minor order quantity.

Kraft donut boxes

Kraft Boxes for Macarons | Kraft Macaroon Boxes

Shops that deal with candies and cookies need to think about a proper package aside from making a delicious dessert. Macaron and macaroons are beautiful round delicious cookies. Using a natural brown Kraft box offers a good package for your beautiful cookies and gives them an appropriate exhibition. The box can have a column or more than one column with a paper insert or vacuum plastic blister insert to place the macaroons in position. A diced aperture at the peak of the macaron box is essential for showcasing and exhibiting the brightly colored charming sweet cookies. Create your bakery’s and coffee’s brand name on the Kraft box. This will enable people to identify your macaron and bakery and differentiate it from others.

Kraft Boxes for macarons.jpg
  • Kraft Sliding Macaroon Boxes
    White and Brown Kraft Sliding Macaroon Boxes with Clear Window
    From $0.95

Custom Natural Brown Kraft Pie Boxes with Window

A personalized printed organic Kraft paper pie box is ideal for trading homemade pies. Customers can have a perfect view of the Kraft pie box and the aroma of the tasty succulent pie from the carved aperture without opening the box. Because the Kraft pie boxes are manufactured from reusable Kraft materials that confer safety, they do not contaminate the food when in contact. The boxes can be customized into different shapes, which provides you the best package for your pies. 

Kraft pie boxes .jpg

Several other baking foods not mentioned here ought to have their packaging. Notwithstanding, Kraft bakery boxes are well-known for their environmental-friendly bakery food packages. They provide bakery shops great packages to help trade their dainty baking food. Reach out to us to obtain an estimate of your customized brand-printed bakery boxes.