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Corrugated Kraft Paper Jar Storage Gift Boxes

Natural Brown Jar Storage Boxes

These boxes have a unique design to snugly fit glass jars. Rather than standard flaps or sticker sealing measures, these boxes have a specialty document-folder style closure which uses a thin rope and small circular rivets to keep the boxes closed. With 24 sizes available, these boxes fit all types of jars, whether they be small, large, square, round, hexagonal, etc. The sturdy corrugated paper material used to create these boxes is extra durable to protect fragile glass jars of any shape or size and will securely retain its shape once assembled.

Red Printed Paper Jar Gift Boxes

We also offer our jar boxes in bright red for special occasions and items such as weddings or holidays. Like our standard brown jar boxes, these red boxes come in 24 size options to fit your packaging needs. These boxes can also be ordered with a matching gift bag to create a beautiful set for events or gift wrapping purposes.

Metal Rivet Fixed Closure Details

The unique closure mechanism for these boxes uses a thin rope and metal rivets in a document-folder style. These rivets come in several different color and style options. Choose between silver, black, or gold and select either a ring, hollow, or solid option. No matter what style you choose, the specialty closure will keep your box securely closed while adding an extra touch of decoration and intrigue that will spark the curiosity of your recipients or customers.

Ships Flat and Assembles in Minutes

Although these jar boxes are shipped flat to reduce costs and make them easier to store, they are very reliable and sturdy once assembled. These Kraft corrugated boxes are made of a durable and sustainable paperboard material that can hold up to 3kg in weight. This ensures that the fragile jars packaged inside are protected and that the box will retain its shape well even during handling or shipping.

  • Kraft Board Packaging Box
    Red Corrugated Kraft Board Paper Packaging Box for Jam Honey Jar
    From $0.98
  • Kraft Board Paper Box
    Brown Corrugated Kraft Board Paper Packaging Box for Jam Honey Jar
    From $0.98