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Rope Handle Kraft Gift Boxes with Clear Window

Brown and Black Boxes

Kraft paper boxes are perfect for honeys and jams, candles, cookies, and other small gifts and products. This style of Kraft paper box has a rope handle for easy carrying and clear window for viewing purposes. This style of box also comes in two colors: black and brown.

Three Size Options

This style of Kraft paper box comes in three different sizes of varying heights and lengths to fit your items. Every size comes with a square clear window at the front and rope handle.

Rope Handle

Because Kraft paper boxes are shipped flat to keep costs low and make them easier to store, the rope handles do not come attached to the boxes. However, assembly is easy and requires no gluing or other sealing measures. Simply feed the rope through the holes.

Easy Assembly

The bottom of the Kraft paper box folds together easily to create a sturdy base for whatever products you wish to place inside. Check out our full tutorial on how to assemble these boxes below to learn more.

Clear Window

Every rope handle Kraft box has a clear PET window securely glued to the front of the box from the inside, allowing customers to view the product without handling the merchandise. PET is a food-safe and recyclable material, making it safe for the environment and for your customers.

  • Black Kraft Gift Boxes
    Black Kraft Gift Boxes With Clear Window And Rope Handle
    From $0.82
  • Kraft Paper Gift Boxes
    Brown Kraft Paper Gift Boxes With Window And Rope Handle
    From $0.82

At the Kraft Packaging Store, we care about creating affordable, functional, and attractive packaging and gift wrapping such as our high-quality Kraft gift boxes with clear windows and rope handles. These boxes are perfect for food items like cookies and cakes, homemade items like candles and bath salts, gifts, and so much more!

We offer a number of Kraft box options in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to meet every need and budget. By doing so, we hope to help our customers better serve their clients and create attractive gifts for friends and family members.

Kraft Paper Boxes With Windows Have a Variety of Uses

Kraft paper boxes are durable enough to be used in commercial and industrial settings for a variety of purposes. Some uses for our Kraft paper boxes include:

1.Packaging gift items. Order Kraft paper boxes in large quantities to keep on hand and use for events and parties as needed so you never have to worry about running out to the store for a gift bag or wrapping paper again! Kraft paper boxes create a simple and elegant way to package presents for any occasion, whether it be for a birthday, holiday, or other exchange. Kraft paper boxes are both beautiful and functional and can be easily customized for the recipient with stickers, designs, drawings, or adornments like ribbons.

2.Food product packaging. Because Kraft paper boxes are made of food-grade materials, they are a great choice for packaging foods such as pastries, snacks, candies, and more. The elegant design allows the goods to be displayed while the durability of the box is great for travel and shipping.

Why Should You Choose Kraft Paper Boxes for Your Packaging Needs?

Kraft paper boxes are made of recyclable materials, making them more environmentally friendly than other packaging such as those made of plastic, styrofoam, or even virgin paper or wrapping paper. Kraft paper has the added benefit of being highly durable, preventing damage to even fragile items, which allows the boxes to be used for shipping or display purposes. In addition, Kraft boxes with windows are not just functional, but attractive. They are easy to carry and can showcase goods through the window insert to avoid the need to open or handle the box.

Get started today by selecting your Kraft box style and specifications. Or, check out some of the other styles of Kraft paper boxes we offer to see what inspires you. Once you make your choice and place your order, your boxes will be quickly shipped to your door to be filled with your products, whatever they may be!