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Custom Cardboard Cylinder Paper Tubes Packaging

Our custom cardboard tubes packaging is made from 100% recycled Kraft paper. We take the raw material and roll it around a metal mold which is glued to make rigid tubes. Once dried we can then cut these tubes into the desired lengths for customers, making customizing orders for any customers a total breeze. Whatever you need to pack, we can provide the appropriate packing to ensure safe transit and delivery. For food-related products we offer a version of the tube that is laminated inside with aluminum foil to provide a moisture and greaseproof layer, making them food safe. Packaging tube boxes can be further customized with inserts, lids, and print options.

Why cardboard tubes packaging makes a great packing option.

Because of the shape of our cylinder tubes they are ideal for packing common round objects, such as wine bottles, cans. Because these products are snugly fitted into the Custom cardboard tubes packaging they have less opportunity to break in transit. In addition, tubes are inherently stronger than rectangular packaging and use slightly less material. We can add lids to suit a range of product designs, and so if you are looking to ship anything from small glass bottles to cosmetics, essential oils or anything else you can think of that are heavy and round, our cardboard tubes are ideal. We can offer small or large tubes, so have no fears over shipping wine bottles, tubes of paint, or other fragile products. Kraft cardboard cylinder tubes are also often used for non-breakable products, as many brands feel that the tube design enhances the view of their brand. Examples include T-shirts, coffee, and candles. Our cardboard cylinder tubes are very durable and are made entirely from rigid Kraft paper. They feature thick walls that can withstand a lot of force and are resistant enough to not change shape in any way whilst in transit. Your product will arrive safe and secure using our tube boxes.

Print and finish option for Kraft paper tubes

It is possible to customize all our custom printed cardboard tubes. Custom print designs can be wrapped around the plain Kraft paper tubes, adding to their strength whilst also providing the perfect brand image for your products. Unlike many products in our range, we do not print directly onto round tubes. In addition to being able to provide full-color print wraps for the tubes, we can offer a range of hot foil stamps in both gold and silver, plus the popular spot UV option is available to grab the attention of potential customers. Using our custom printed tube packaging ensures that your products are protected and look good. For more functional options, you can elect to purchase plain ready-made plain Kraft paper tubes and simply use custom labels to bring them into line with your brand design. Whilst this has less visual impact, customers are used to receiving plain brown tubes in the post, and so the emphasis can shift to how your product is packed inside the tube. Plain tubes are available in brown, white, and black colors. If you are designing a brand that needs to have the greatest visual impact upon delivery, we recommend that you opt for branded custom cardboard tubes, which ensures your brand image is the first thing your customers notice upon delivery. The cost of custom tube packaging is slightly higher than that of plain tubes, but experience shows us that the difference is well worth it.

Being a professional custom cardboard cylinder tube box packaging manufacturer and direct supplier, we can provide a huge range of customization options, allowing you to ensure that you get the right tube structure, lids, inserts, and printing to ensure the finish is truly unique to you and your company.

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We offer four Kraft paper cardboard tubes packaging types

Whilst it’s fine to dabble when testing out a small batch of products, by the time you are looking to enter your main production phase you will want to have ensured that you have perfected your packaging choices. To do this, it is important to know the four main options of cardboard tube packaging tube structure that can be offered. Cardboard or paper tube packaging can be comprised of 3-pieces or 2-pieces. These separate pieces make up the total of the tube packaging. The outer base, inner neck (for the 3-piece version), and the top lid can all be customized in length to get the right design of cardboard tube packaging boxes for you. As discussed above, the tubes can be wrapped in different colors or prints and hot foils and spot UV give the final touches.

3 pieces short cap lid style paper tubes

3-piece Cardboard Tube Style #1

This style is the most commonly used 3-piece option. The inner neck is glued into a long outer base to allow a short lid to neatly sit on the top. This is how many wines or whiskies will be presented to you. After closing the lid, no neck will be visible.

3 pieces long cap lid style paper tubes

3-piece Cardboard Tube Style #2

This cardboard tube variant is essentially the inverse of the first style. A short outer base has the inner neck glued into it and then a long lid is seated on top. Once again, no neck will be visible once the lid is placed over the base. This style is popular for presenting items that will be revealed as the lid is removed, rather than being slid out of the base as with style #1.

3-pieces neck shoulder style cardboard t

3-piece Cardboard Tube Style #3

This tube box style is similar to both the above styles. Where it differs is that the lid does not meet the outer base, allowing some of the neck to be exposed. For this and all other styles, the inner neck can be colored any way you like and can complement the outer printing or styling. This can be particularly effective when matching the inner neck to a hot foil print on the base or lid.

2 pieces top bottom style cardboard tubes

2-piece Cardboard Tube Style #4

Finally, we offer the 2-piece style. The top lid is shorter than the bottom base and this allows the lid to be slid down over the base without completely concealing it. The exposed part of the base allows customers to grip and remove the base from inside the lid. This exposed element can be styled to enhance the overall design of the stylised package.

Open edge treatment for tube packaging

There are two options available when it comes to the treatment of the opening edge of your inner tube. The first option is a straight cut edge. This is neat and means that your inner tube will remain the same width from top to bottom. The second option is the rolled edge, where the top few millimeters are rolled over to provide a smooth and pleasing edge. The rolled edge also prevents any scratches being caused to the lid, which can be a consideration, depending on how frequently the packaging will be opened and handled by the end-user. Be aware that the rolled edge slightly narrows the end of your tube, so if your product is intended to fit perfectly into the tube with no leeway, you may need to go for the straight cut edge on your cardboard tube packaging.

Cardboard paper tube with different open edge

The difference between rolled and unrolled cardboard tube packaging opening edge

There is very little difference in price between the rolled and straight cut cardboard tube packaging opening types so select the most appropriate style for your product.

Two material types for lids for custom cardboard cylinder tubes packaging.

Our custom paper tubes are available with two kinds of lids. Our most popular option is a matching lid, using the same cardboard material cardboard tubes. Not only is this the more cost-effective option, but it also has the most customization options available. You can add full-color print wraps, hot foil stamps, and spot UV printing to these, just like the base tubes. As an alternative, it is possible to select metal end caps. These metal lids come in silver, gold, or black and can be embossed with your logo or printed upon. Because of the extra requirements needed to produce metal end caps, there is a higher minimum order quantity required and we can only offer them for certain size tubes.

Custom paper tube boxes with cardboard lids

Paper tube packaging boxes with bespoke cardboard lids

The paperboard used in our tubes is best matched with lids of the same material. These can be custom printed to match perfectly, with virtually no size difference between the base and lid (typically under 1mm). Tubes and lids can be used in their natural brown, or custom printed with full-color prints, hot foil stamps, and spot UV printing.

Cardboard tube packaging with metal lids

Cardboard tube packaging boxes with metal end caps

If opting for tube packaging with metal end caps, these are available in black, silver, and gold. These are available for a limited range of sizes. Both ends of the cardboard tubes can be given a metal end cap, which can be printed on or embossed with your logo, subject to minimum order requirements.

Use a high-end custom cardboard tube manufacturer for the perfect customization options

Most of our cardboard tube packaging can be customized to match up to your design plans. We can add a range of extra features, such as foam inserts, rope handles, aluminum inner lining, and a whole lot more. Our aluminum-lined cardboard tubes are ideal for safely storing and distributing food or products that may become greasy. The inner wall of the tube is laminated with aluminum to prevent any cardboard from coming in direct contact with the product inside. Other tube packaging can be used for cosmetics and other products that frequently come in small tubes or bottles, such as essential oils. To best protect these types of products in transit, we recommend foam inserts in the top and bottom of the tube to minimize movement in transit and soften any courier-related impacts. Adding a rope handle to any customized cardboard tube packaging is simple to do and can be done for large or small quantities. Further customization, such as adding ribbons or pull tabs can easily be accommodated in all of our cardboard tube lids. Simply enquire about the price of customizing your desired packaging.

Paper tube food packaging with aluminum foil coated

Cardboard tube food packaging with aluminum foil lamination.

To ensure proper food hygiene is maintained, use aluminum foil laminated cardboard tubes that will safely and cleanly protect your food items and prevent their direct contact with the cardboard, whilst also keeping moisture out.

To further enhance your option, we can offer gold or silver aluminum foil choices.

Custom cylinder tube packaging with inserts

Cardboard tube packaging boxes with customized inserts

Because of the strength sometimes needed in cardboard tubes, we offer paperboard, plastic, and foam inserts that can be used to perfectly hold your items in place. The added security will prevent items such as essential oils, from shaking and becoming damaged in transit. Foam inserts can be white, black, or grey and made from EVA foam. We can also offer vacuum-formed plastic inserts for maximum protection.

Custom rope handle for paper cardboard tubes

Cardboard cylinder tubes with optional rope carry handles

Decorative and practical rope handles can be added to our cardboard tubes by simply machine drilling holes in the desired location. Whether it is a single rope or two, we can accommodate your requests. The rope color is customizable and it can be threaded through just the base, or also include the lid, to ensure it does not become separated from the base.

Custom ribbon pull for cardboard tube packaging

Kraft paper tubes with ribbon pull tabs

Another practical and decorative option is to add a short ribbon pull tab that allows the easy removal of the lid from the base whilst also looking sweet. Many brands will appreciate that cute look and it adds a hint of luxury to the packaging’s final look. We even offer the option to have your logo printed onto the ribbon!

Full print paper wrap options on custom cardboard tubes packaging

Our cardboard tubes are formed from recycled Kraft paper and due to natural variations in the overall color, the paper is dyed brown. We wrap these tubes with your desired color print or full-color printing to make the perfect color match for your product. The tube packaging, both inside and out, can be colored to suit your needs. The most commonly asked for option is a white surface paper that bears full-color printing, which is then wrapped around the tube and cut appropriately. This is similar to how most product boxes are also designed. We do offer a black cardboard tube option, which is created by simply wrapping the tube with a layer of black Kraft paper. This option is great for having white printing, hot foil stamping, or spot UV. all of which creates a luxury look to the product.

Custom cardboard tubes with Kraft surface

Brown Kraft Paper cylinder box packaging

Brown Kraft surface paper – our most commonly used cardboard tubes surface paper. This is popular both inside and outside the tubes. Most often these printed natural tube packagings are left plain, except for a colored logo and any required text printed.

Custom cardboard tubes with White surface paper

White Kraft surface paper cardboard packaging tubes

Cardboard tubes with white surface paper are ideal for full-color prints for any complicated CMYK artwork. You can opt to give the interior of the tube white unless an alternative color is preferred.

Black cardboard tubes packaging boxes

Black surface paper wrapped cardboard tube packaging

As with our other Kraft paper colors, you can opt to have both the inner and external tubes wrapped in Both internal and external tubes can be wrapped in black. White inks and hot foil printing and spot UV prints are the most commonly requested customization for this color option.

Print and finish options on custom cardboard tubes cylinder packaging

In general, people prefer decorated packaging over plain. It is for this reason that we recommend making the most of the opportunity to impress your clients with a fully customized package. In addition to standard printing, it is possible to add enhancements to make the product stand out, such as special finishes like hot foil printing in gold or silver, or colorful spot UV printing, which adds a plastic print to the paper packing. Use some, or all, of these to set the tone for your company.

Custom printed cardboard tube packaging

Custom printing on cardboard paper tube packaging

On our Kraft cardboard tubes you can elect to print a simple logo and associated text, or go all out with a full-color print that covers the tube in your desiged artwork.

Custom paper tube packaging with foil stamping logo

Hot foil stamping finish on custom cardboard tubes

Hot foil is one of the most popular product options for brands looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors. It adds a touch of luxury to your packaging. Because of the way hot foil is stamped, the text and logo need to be large enough to avoid any blurry results.

Cardboard tube packaging with spot UV finish

Custom black cardboard tube packaging with spot UV finish

Spot UV is a liquid varnish that can be added to the surface of any product. It creates a gloss finish that can make a lovely addition to many packages. Whilst it is most commonly used on black paper, there is no reason not to get creative with it on other matte papers.

Why should you use cardboard cylinder tube packaging?

When you consider the types of products commonly shipped in cylinder tubes, it is no great surprise that they are so popular. The shape of the tube and the thickness of the tube’s inner walls give it significant strength, which helps ensure your products arrive untarnished. Their smooth walls are nice to grip and sit comfortably when gripped in the palm of your hand, unlike boxes which can become awkward to carry. Common uses for our custom tube packaging include T-shirts, essential oils, vape cartridges, perfumes, wines and spirits, candles and so much more. Small tube packaging is great for high-end cosmetics, such as lipsticks and mascaras. Check our example images to get inspiration for how you might use tube packaging in your own business packaging.

Customized candle packaging tube boxes

Candle packaging cardboard tubes

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Cardboard round cylinder tubes are the perfect option for packing luxury, personalized or handmade candles, as they fit neatly into tube packaging. Kraft or custom printed tubes are ideal for promoting your products.

Paper cardboard cylinder tubes packaging for T-shirt clothes

Cardboard tubes for clothing

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Cardboard tube packaging is suitable for any clothing that can be rolled, so it is ideal for casual orientated clothing, such as jeans or T-shirts. Customize the size of tube needed and get your product winging its way to your waiting clients.

Custom cardboard tubes for packing essential oil bottle

Cylinder tube packaging is great for fragile bottles

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Custom cardboard tubes are strong and are ideal for shipping glass items that need to be shipped with care. Examples of this include glass bottles, essential oils, or any bottled liquid. Use small cardboard tubes with your design to create a lasting impression when they reach the customer.

Custom perfume bottle packaging cardboard tubes

Packing tubes are the perfect option for perfume bottles

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The perfect packaging for the cosmetic industry needs to be strong and available in a range of sizes. Brands need to be able to theme their packaging in a range of sizing to cover all their products in a single uniform style. Packing tubes can facilitate this for the majority of small to medium size items.

Custom wine bottle packaging cardboard tubes

Custom paper tube packaging boxes for wine bottles

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The thick-walled cardboard tube is perfect for wines and spirit bottles that carry a heavy amount of liquid inside a very fragile glass bottle. It needs to look good and be secure, a job which our tubes packaging manages perfectly. With a range of premium finishes available, these tubes will be perfect for making any brand a show stopper.

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    Black Kraft Paper Cardboard Tube Packaging Suit for 15ml 20ml Dropper Bottles
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    Brown Kraft Paper Cardboard Tube Packaging Suit for 15ml 20ml Dropper Bottles
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    Black Kraft Paper Cardboard Tube Packaging Suit for 5ml 10ml Dropper Bottles
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