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Kraft Paper Candy Cookie Gift Boxes Packaging

Two Sizes and Colors

We offer Kraft paper packaging boxes for candies and cookies in both brown and black. Each color option comes in two sizes: large and small.

Nice Lacework Cut Border

The details of our Kraft favor cookie candy gift boxes are what make all the difference. The top flaps have lacework-shaped edges to create a simple yet beautiful adornment that becomes more noticeable as customers or friends open the package to see what’s within. 

Ribbon or Rope Closures

These Kraft candy boxes come with your choice of a ribbon or rope closure. The boxes can also be unadorned and sealed by inserting the tab on one flap into the slot on the other. Stickers can also be purchased in our shop to seal the boxes closed or add additional design elements and information. 

Brown Cookie Boxes

Our brown Kraft cookie boxes come in small (90x90x60mm) and large (120x120x90mm) for your packaging needs. Both size options are made of durable Kraft paper and, once assembled, have a rigid cube shape.

Black Candy Box in 2 Sizes

Just like the brown box options, our black Kraft candy boxes come in two sizes: small (90x90x60mm) and large (120x120x90mm) for your packaging needs. Both are made of sturdy Kraft paper and create a rigid cube once assembled.

Cookie and Cake Packaging

These Kraft favor gift boxes are made of food-grade materials, allowing them to be safe for food storage and packaging. Their size, materials, and durability make them a great choice for cookies, candies, cakes, and other small food items. However, they can also be used for gifts and other products.

Easy Assembly

Kraft gift boxes are shipped flat to cut costs and optimize storage. However, assembly is quick and easy. The boxes fold together in 3 easy steps and require no glue, tape, or other sealing measures. Once assembled, the boxes can be decorated with ribbons, rope, stickers, or other adornments such as those found in our store.

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    Special Designed Black Kraft Cookie Cake Favor Gift Packaging
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  • Kraft Cookie Gift Boxes
    Special Designed Brown Kraft Candy Cookies Boxes Gift Packaging
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