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Kraft Paper Bakery Groceries Bags Packaging

Food-grade Kraft bakery bags

Our Kraft paper bakery bags are made of food-grade materials, making them perfect for baked goods like bread, cookies, pastries, and more.These bags are also suitable for holding dried fruit and other foodstuffs. Our bakery bags in kraft paper come in either white or brown, and they are produced in a range of sizes depending on your packaging needs. 

Recyclable Kraft grocery bag

Kraft grocery bags are made of 100% recyclable Kraft paper, making them an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

Durable Materials 

These bags are made of durable Kraft paper, allowing them to carry a number of heavy grocery items without tearing or breaking.

Variety of Sizes

Both brown and white Kraft paper bags come in 10 sizes to meet your packaging needs. The bags can also be made greaseproof for food items using a lamination process to make them even more durable.

Textured Edge

The serrated top edge allows stickers to more easily adhere. Using a sticker to seal these bags makes them perfect for use as food and bakery bags as the label will keep items fresh while also promoting branding or company information.

Greaseproof and waterproof

The bags can be made greaseproof and/or waterproof for use as bakery food bags or food packaging. This ensures the products inside will be protected and the integrity of the bag will not be compromised by any oily food items within.

Plastic-wrapped for Shipping

Bakery bags are shipped flat and sealed in plastic film for safety. This prevents damage or contamination from germs, dust, or moisture. 

Good for a Variety of Uses

Due to the number of customization options, sizes, and level of durability of these bags, they are suitable for a variety of uses, including bakery bags, bulk food packaging, groceries, and more!

  • Kraft Paper Baking Bag
    White Kraft Paper Baking Food Groceries Dried Food Bags
    From $0.13
  • Kraft Paper Baking Bag
    Greaseproof waterproof Kraft paper food baking bread bags
    From $0.16
  • Kraft Paper Bag
    Brown Kraft paper dried food bakery bags grocery bag
    From $0.14

Custom printED Kraft SACK Bags

Start to custom print your logo and artwork on the sack bags now! Two-color printing starts with minimum order only 2000 piece in our existing sizes.